Do Breast Enhancement creams and pills actually work?

I've seen many reviews about some breast enhancement creams and pills (both together), such as Breast Actives and Breast Femino and they both have good reviews on YouTube and online (not just on the actual website). Do some work, and not work for some?

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Pills or creams

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Unfortunately there is no data or scientific studies to support the use of creams or pills to enhance breast size.  Anything that could adjust your hormones could alter your breasts however this is temporary and potentially harmful if your unaware of its side effects.  If you are interested in a more natural breast enhancement, you should look into far grafting.  Using your own fat to increase the size of your breasts.

Detroit Plastic Surgeon

Do breast enhancing creams actually work?

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No, but wouldn't it be super awesome if they did? Hormonal supplementation may affect breast size, but these effects are usually temporary and wear off when you stop taking the medication.

Trenton C. Jones, MD
Orem Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation with Pills and Creams

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The size of a woman's breasts can effect self esteem, self confidence, self image, sexuality and how clothes fit. For these reasons, many women are motivated to have larger breasts. Unfortunately, many are unable to undergo breast augmentation with breast implants for a variety of reasons. They may be afraid of anesthesia and surgery, or they may not have the financial resources.

For these women, breast enhancement with creams and pills may be an attractive alternative. Unfortunately, there's no scientific proof that they actually work. In many cases, it's unclear what the active ingredients are and how they work, if they work at all. Some of the components may be hormonally active and potentially have side effects that could be harmful.

For these reasons, we feel that breast augmentation with implants is the only alternatives that can significantly increase breast size. Before considering breast enhancing creams and pills, you should consult your physician.

Breast Creams

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There are no exercises, injections, supplements, foods, or creams that will noticeably increase breast volume or lift the breast. Most often, implants are used to augment the breasts of patients with good skin quality who lack breast volume. For patients with both a lack of volume and sagging breasts, a combination of a breast lift and augmentation (mastopexy augmentation) can address both issues. A detailed examination will help delineate the best surgical treatment. Consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

Breast creams vs surgery

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Thank you for your question. It may difficult to increase the breast size with home therapy and creams. You may want to consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast augmentation options.

They Just Don't Work

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Reviews, especially on YouTube, are not reliable for these types of products. These types of pills and creams, quite simply, just don't work. They're not reliable, they're not effective, and in some cases, they're also not safe. We sometimes meet women at our clinic who are interested in breast augmentation but are not suitable for surgery. If there was a non-surgical solution we could offer to them, we would do so in a heartbeat. However, an option that is actually effective and safe just doesn't exist yet. Don't waste your time or money (or worse, put your health on the line) on these types of gimmicks.


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There is nothing that is FDA approved to enlarge breast size except for breast augmentation with implants. Everything else is just a gimmick that won't give you results, and they don't have any scientific backing to prove their claims either. Plus, their ingredients haven't been tested for safety. It's better to avoid those other things.

Breast Augmentation Only Way To Dramatically Enhance Breasts

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The only way to enhance the size of your breasts safely and effectively with predictable results is breast augmentation. You may experience a very minor increase in size with creams and pills, but nothing that will be as noticeable.

Do Breast Enhancement creams and pills actually work?

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There is no safe/effective medication, cream, herbs, or nonsurgical  method to significantly increase breast size. Be careful about believing heavily marketed “miracles" that you will undoubtedly read/hear about.   Best wishes.

Breast enhancement creams

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Thank you for your question about breast augmentation and breast enhancement creams.

I can remember these ads going back to when I was a child. They do not work beyond causing a little swelling by irritation. They are allowed to sell these products because they do not claim to treat a disease. Sorry - breast enlargement doesn't work this way. Best wishes.

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