Breast Enhancement Cream Post-breast Augmentation?

I was quite disappointed since I was expecting to have a full C with 290cc but after swelling has gone, I really look smaller. So I was thinking to just use breast enhancement cream to make it a little more bigger without going under the knife again. I'm only 3 weeks post op; should I expect it to get more smaller or bigger? Is using breast cream safe for me? Thanks!

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Breast enlargement creams do not work

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After breast augmentation, patients are infrequently dissatisfied with their size.  Breast enlargement creams are not an effective means to improve this situation.  In fact, they are a huge waste of money.  Unfortunately, the only way to improve the size substantially is to have the smaller implants replaced with larger ones after waiting 3-6 months.

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Breast size

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Thank you for your question. It may difficult to increase the breast size with home therapy and creams. You may want to consider revisiting with your plastic surgeon to discuss exchanging the implants for a larger one once you are completely healed from your first surgery.  

Breast Enhancement Cream Post-breast Augmentation?

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There is no safe/effective medication, cream, herb, or nonsurgical  method to significantly increase breast size. Be careful about believing heavily marketed “miracles" that you will undoubtedly read/hear about.   Best wishes.

You can find breast enlargement creams on the snake oil shelf.

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Breast enlargement creasm are, for the most part, ineffective products that have not been fully evaluated from a safety stanpoint.

Breast creams do not work,they don't enlarge breast

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Dear pritty

the size of the implant s depends on what do you have to start with,how wide is your chest,how tall are you,how much do you weight etc a c cup is very different on a 32C CUP that on a 42C CUP

I think it shoud be very little swelling at this point,so your size  is probably what you have now,wait 6 months before changing them.

In my office you try the sizers on the size of bra that you want to be,so you see before surgery exactly the size t,hat you will be,and then I decide if is appropiate for your frame

Breast enlargement creams don't work.

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It is disappointing to not get the results you wished for from your augmentation surgery.  However, after waiting about 6 months, you can safely move up to a larger implant to achieve your goal.  There is no reason to waste your money on these creams which only takes money from your pocket and puts it in the pocket of the people running these scams.  If your 1st surgeon does not want to correct the problem, be sure to use a board certified plastic surgeon for your next step.

Breast enlargement creams....

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Breast enlargement creams don't work. If they did, don't you think everyone who wanted bigger breasts would be using them instead of having surgery?  They belong on the shelf alongside penis-enlargement pills and most weight-loss or fat-melting products.  Don't waste your time or money.

Your breasts will not get bigger as time passses, unless you gain weight.  So you can expect your breast size to stay the same, but your shape will soften and settle over the coming months after surgery. 

Try not to be hung up on a bra size.  Do you like the way you look now?  Are your breasts attractive (nice shape and fullness)?  Just because you aren't wearing a full C cup bra doesn't mean you don't have good results---are they results you can live with?  If you really want to be larger, then you'll need another surgery to increase your implant size.

Wait a little longer before trying to change the size of your breasts.

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Wait a minimum of 3 months before revision breast augmentation - and preferably even 6 months. This will allow time for the scar tissue to become softer and your breast appearance will actually change a little during that time as well. They wont look any larger than they do right now, but you may also decide that you are happier with the size than you initially thought.

Breast enhancement creams are usually a disappointment to patients and probably not worth your time or money.

Not large enough after breast augmentation

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Unfortunately, breast enhancement creams do not work. I would recommend waiting several months before making a final judgment on your breast size. Immediately after surgery, the swelling that occurs often gives women a false impression of their breast size. When the swelling resolves, it is very common to feel as though their augmentation was not "big enough." Presumably, you and your plastic surgeon decided on this implant size do to your anatomy and desires. Give yourself sometime to adjust and you may find that you are very happy with your size. If after several months you still are unhappy, a reaugmentation can be performed with larger implants.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast enhancement creams are snake oil.

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Breast enhancement creams are scams.  They don't work.  Breast augmentation in the hands of a capable surgeon gives predictably good results.

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