Will my Right Breast Drop?

Hi, I had a flat chest from working out alot and I got 600cc silicone medium profile done last November 2010. It has been a good seven months now but my right breast is still high. I am still massaging daily but can't seem to get it to drop. Is this normal since I went from flat to larger breast? It is so obvious that the right side is higher when I wear my workout tanks.

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One breast implant riding high after 7 months ... what to do?

It can really be frustrating when that one breast just doesn't want to settle down and be like the other. There are many reasons why that can occur. Some of which  might start the day of surgery,depending on what kind of a procedure was done and how the implant was placed. Other things that can cause the implant to be high may result  months after surgery. There are procedures that can be done to re-position your implant. You will need to speak with your plastic surgeon to see which is applicable for you.

I hope that this is helpful for you . Jon Sattler, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Glendora, California.

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Breast implant position asymmetry after surgery

If after six months the implant has not dropped, it is unlikely to do so.  It will require surgical intervention.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
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Breast asymmetry can be corrected with revision breast augmentation.


Sorry to say your right breast will not drop, and massage really doesn't help.  It sounds like you will need a revision breast augmentation to lower the right pocket, and this can be done at any time.

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Implants dropping after 7 months

It is difficult to advise you without examining you...At this point in time of your recovery, you may not see a significant change in your current results....I have, however, seen implants continue to drop up to the first year. Aggressive massage may help the right side settle with more time.  Address your concerns with your plastic surgeon to discuss any possible options for revisionary surgery -- the best advice will be given to you after a good examination.

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It sounds as though you will need surgical intervention at this point if things are not settled to your liking.  At seven months some type of capsule has formed and massage and other conservative treatment will not help much.  Discuss this with your surgeon.

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Breast Asymmetry

If one breast is higher than the other at 7 months it is unlikely that conservative measures will correct the problem.  You need to see your plastic surgeon and discuss the surgical options to correct the asymmetry.  Good luck/

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Breast Implant Not Dropping At 7 Months

It may continue to drop a bit, but the capsule has formed at this point and if it is a major difference, the pocket may need to be released to allow the implant to drop. Be sure and get your surgeon to examine you and give you the best advice.

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Implant not dropping 7 months postop

NoT having post op photos to look at, it is difficult to comment on whether the implant will drop or not after 7 months. You had  large implants and most likely have capsular contracture. If an adequate pocket could not be made at the time of your surgery which is what happens most of the time if some one goes from flat to 600 cc , you have a problem of implant sitting high. Talk to your surgeon. It can be repositioned.

Raj Chowdary, MD (retired)
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