Breast Diameter of 15 but Wish to Have Natural Looking Implants? (photo)

Hi. I am 42 YO, 5'7 158 lbs. my breasts sagged considerably after pregnancy. I've consulted with BC PS but cannot decide on implant size. I'd like to look natural and perkier but not larger. based on the recommendation of manufacturers, my implant diameter should be 350cc + but I do not wish to be large. Would the diameter of smaller implant such as 240-280 not work for me? Should I go with smaller to fill the pocket vs larger to match the diameter? Thank you so much for your time!

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Implant size

The size implant you select really depends on how large you want your breasts to be after the surgery.  I tend to be on the conservative side and you have a fair amount of your own breast tissue, so you don't need a very large implant.  Even the 350 is not an excessively arge implant, but given your current build, it will probably make you a D cup.  Using 280 cc's you will be more in the full C range.

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Are you happy with your size?

Breast lifts provide very natural looking results without the risks of implants... but you have to accepting of the scars.  If your nipples fall below a pencil under your breasts, you will likely need a lift anyway to achieve a satisfactory result.  If you want to be larger, you have to use external sizers as they provide a very accurate way to determine just how 'big' you will be. 

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Breast Diameter of 15 but Wish to Have Natural Looking Implants?

     None of those sizes is an unreasonable size, but trying on sizers in the office will give you the best idea.  Picking the profile or style should be easily navigated by your plastic surgeon.   Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Breast Diameter of 15 but Wish to Have Natural Looking Implants?

"Follow the numbers!" 350 cc might even be to small. So at least use that size in my over the internet opinion. 

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Implants and Breast Diameter #breastimplants

Thank you for your question. It is good that you have done some research about breast diameter because that is a very important measurement. So, sizing is really something that you need to let your surgeon guide you with. You should be careful using terms like "natural", because that term means something different to everyone. If you are looking for more rejuvenated breasts that are more full on top you likely will need a breast lift and augmentation. Since I have not seen or examined you that recommendation can not be exact. With respects to which implant you desire you need to basically take the diameter of your breast, and 15 is really wide by the way, and decide which profile implant within those measurements give you the look you desire. To make this a little easier think of sizing implants like buying shoes. So, shoes can come in flats, medium patforms or high heal stilettos. Implants are the same, low profile, moderate profile or high profile. You would never buy a shoe larger than your foot, right? Your base diameter that you say was measured at 15 is your breast equivalent to your foot size. You should never pick an implant that is bigger than that 15 cm base diameter or half the implant will be in your armpit. So all that is left once you know your breast base diameter is to then pick the style of implant you like just like you try on different height shoes and pick the one you like. Whatever style implant you pick will be limited to only 15cm base diameter implants which will vary in volume based on the style. Hope this helps.

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Can I achieve a natural looking breast with augmentation

Without the benefit of seeing you in consultation and taking measurements, it is not really possible to make recommendations for implant size, style or type. Although the larger the implant you go with the less "natural" a result your will achieve each case must be individualized. It is possible my recommendation to you would be that you may need a breast lift to accompany an implant but this could only be determined at examination. I would caution you to avoid an implant above the muscle (or sub fascial) because you already have laxity of your breast and releasing the supporting breast ligaments (Cooper's ligaments) will only lead to more sagginess.

I wish you well.

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For a Natural Appearing Breast Augmentation Do Not Disregard Basewidth and AVOID HIGH PROFILE!!!!

My recommendation would be to go with the lowest profile implant that matches your base diameter.  In my practice I only use highly cohesive form stable implants that are anatomically shaped in the subfascial plane to achieve the most natural look.  I use a technique called the Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation that allows me to use a large base width and sculpt the shape to ideally suit the patients.  IN my opinion, high profile narrow implants never look good.  I hope this helps!



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