Breast Cut for Reconstruction?

I am having my expanders replaced with silicone implants. My current incisions are from my nipples toward my armpits. Is there a downside to making the new incisions below the breast? I am worried that additional nerves may be cut.

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Incisions used for the second stage breast reconstruction.

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Typically, I prefer to use the mastectomy incision for the exchange. Many times these scars have widened a bit and could use a revision regardless. Also, placing additional scars on the breasts would do little to improve the implant exchange and simply devascularize the skin to a certain degree.

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Using the scar from mastectomy for implant placement is usually best

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The advantage of making the incision through the existing scar is that it avoids a second scar and minimizes risk of blood supply issues. Since it goes through scar there will not be any new nerves that could be affected.

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Breast Cut for Reconstruction #breastreconstruction

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There could be an issue with blood supply if you separate those two incisions the way you describe depending on how old they are. There are no reasons I can really think of for your surgeon not to use the old incision. It will heal well over time and offers great access to the  pocket.


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Will additional nerves be cut through a fold incision?

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No you should not have additon nerve issues.  The insion on the side of the breast is one that typically flattens the lateral aspect of the breast but allows access to both the breast tissue and the axilla.  If you were have a cosmetic breast augmentation in many instances the most common incision used is one placed in the fold under the breast.

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