Different Breast Crease After Augmentation, and Dimple Like on Incision Site? (photo)

Hi doctors, i need you expert opinion , i had breast augmentation 10 days ago with silicone mentor gel 275cc both with incision in the breast crease, symmetrical breasts pre op, post OP un even breast swelling , the right breast still swollen and implants still hight ,after the removal of the sutures i noticed my right breast crease insicion is having like a dimple ?? did he suture wrong? is it possibly the cause why my right breast implant is not setlling down ? and will it improve with time

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Different Breast Crease After Augmentation, and Dimple Like on Incision Site?

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After only 10 days from your breast augmentation surgery, it is far too early to tell where you will end up as a final result.  Relax for now and allow your tissues to relax and heal as well.  Continue to follow up with your surgeon and i wish you well.

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Asymmetric Inframammary Folds

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Give yourself and your plastic surgeon time.  It's very possible that the folds will change with time and gravity.  Inframammary fold symmetry is less important that symmetry of your nipples.  Given time, the nipples may even out and you will very likely have a great result. 

In my practice, I would recommend no bra for one month, and the use of an ace wrap to encourage the swelling going down in the upper poles of your breasts.  I'm not sure what the dimple in your inframammary fold means, only time will tell.  At this point, I recommend discussing this with your plastic surgeon.

Uneven Breast

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At 10 days postop, I would not be too concerned.  It will take several months for the final breast shape to be determined.  Continue to followup with your surgeon.

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