Had Breast Cancer, Had Lumpectomy, Don't Take Cancer Drugs, Can't Take Hormones, Thyroid Level Normal, Hot and Cold Flashes Are

Had breast cancer,had lumpectomy, don't take cancer drugs, can't take hormones, thyroid levels are all normal range. I have severe hot flashes. Sometimes bone cold chills. But the hot flashes are so severe that my quality of life is so limited. Who do or what do I need to do? My internal thermostat is really off the charts. I am desperate to have some relief. I have even considered having my ovaries removed, if they are the problem. I am 61 yrs old and I am in reasonably good health. I need relief and some helpful info as what to do or who to go see for this problem. Any suggestions?

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Hot Flushes in post-lumpectomy patient

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VF: Were you peri-menopausal or postmenopausal before your surgery? The fact that you are unable to take hormones means that you have been catapaulted into menopause with vasomotor instability, otherwise known as "hot flashes".  Anecdotally, some of my breast cancer patients have been prescribed anti-depressants by their Medical Oncologists, with some improvement.  Discuss your affliction with your Medical Oncologist and don't worry about oophorectomy (ovary removal).  Good luck.

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