Options to Get a Harder Nipple (Post-Breast Cancer)?

I Had Breast Cancer and I Am Looking to Get a Larger Harder Nipple So That It's Not Flat.

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Firmer Nipple

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Nipple firmness after nipple rescontruction is possible with the use of injections such as Artefill.  While still exprimental, this technique is showing some promise in published case reports.  Another idea is to implant cartilage or a dermal graft.  Ask your plastic surgeon about these options:

1. Dermal graft

2. Injectible filler

3. Revision surgery

Everett Plastic Surgeon

Harder Nipple (Post-Breast Cancer)

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Very difficult to achieve. Seek in person evaluations for options from boarded plastic surgeons in your area. I might try cartilage gratfs. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 3205 598 0091

Need a bit more info, but you do have options

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So it's a bit unclear whether you have already had nipple reconstruction and it went flat, or are researching to find out how to prevent  flattening after nipple reconstruction.

This is a problem that has dogged us plastic surgeons for quite some time. Although we can often get a nipple quite upright, the scarring and tissue remodeling combined with pressure can often lead to nipple flattening. 

Either way, whether you have already had a nipple reconstruction, or are about to, there ARE ways to make nipples remain upright long term.  I've had success in both types of patients by using an implant material within the nipple reconstruction. Which material and the exact technique will be up to your reconstructive surgeon.  I prefer alloderm, a commercially available cadaveric human dermis product.  In my hands this product and the results have withstood the test of time.  There are also other products available and you should discuss this issue with your surgeon and see if you can come up with a plan. 

Good luck!

Vineet Mehan, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

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