I Had Breast Cancer in 2003 at Age 39, Had a Double Mastectomy, What Are Options for Implant Revision?

My right side is tight and uncomfortable (radiation?). I also never sweat on my right side (lymph nodes were all removed). My left side is flabby and I sweat a lot more than I ever did. The implant seems to be falling into my armpit because my armpit is flabby. The two sides could not be more opposite. Is it common to sweat and smell on the side that did not have radiation and also still has lymph nodes? If I get the implants replaced, will they be more even? Can the tightness be corrected?

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You have several issues that need to be addressed.  I presume you have followed up with your original surgeon to express your concerns.  If not or if you are no longer in that geographic area then you should seek out a surgeon who can evaluate your needs.  It could be a combination of implant and soft tissue factors that could have multiple solutions.

Implant revision after mastectomy

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You are asking a tough question without a proper evaluation. It is quite possible to be able to do a revision surgery, but without seeing you are getting more details it is impossible to say.

Please see your surgeon

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I would agree wiith Dr.Mackenzie. You should get few consultations regarding your option. You can have implants redone or get Flap reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction

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You pose multiple problems in implant position or malposition, and radiation.

your radiated side will not do well with implant reconstruction and will need autologus tissue reconstruction.

You have multiple options in the reconstructive process.

You need to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for examination and options in reconstruction.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Breast reconstruction revision

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I don't want to sound dismissive of your questions, but my strong advice to you is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon (or two or three) who is comfortable with different reconstructive techniques (and one of these should be your original surgeon, if possible).  There are so many issues involved, and only an exam and extensive discussion with such a surgeon will do.  Sorry, but I cannot do justice to your questions in a forum like this.

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