Following Breast Cancer, Got Saline Reconstruction in 2002, Now Experiencing Itching Inside Breast. What's The Cause?

Breast Cancer 2001, 2009 and Brain Cancer 2011 April . I Do Not Have a Rash, and the Only Medication I Am on is Aromasin. I Had reconstruction in 2002, saline implants. I get this itching inside breast. I took aerius allergy medicine and it helped a bit. Not sure what is going on, but I have read other posts on itching inside, so I thought I could get some answers. Thank you for writing and I hope that you will be able to help me. Jan

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I have only encountered one patient with itching sensations. It went away with time. It would be unusual for you to have a problem this far out from your surgeries. You can not be allergic to implants as far as anyone knows. There is 50 years of research and data. I have never heard of a correlation. You should see your surgeon and perhaps an allergist. One other might be a neurologist. Pain, itching, irritation can be due to nerves that are irritated or inflammed

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