Breast Augumentation Second Time Around and Breasts Sit Lower Than Before?

Hi I've had just had my second breast augumentation after having silicone implants for 13 years in front of muscle it which I got capsular contractor hardening etc my surgeon has replaced my implants behind the muscle this time but they are looking a lot lower on my chest than they use to will the shape change over the next few weeks? I had 300cc first time round now I decided to go for 360cc.

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Implants sitting lower after second breast augmentation

It is difficult to give advice without a picture or doing an examination. I cannot be 100% certain, but if they are already sitting low, they are unlikely to go up any higher.  You may have needed a lift with the breast augmentation. Another possibility is your fold may have been obliterated when the capsulectomy was done... thus your implants are "bottoming out."  You should speak with your plastic surgeon regarding these issues. Good luck! 

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