Breast Augumation 5 Months Ago, Wish I Had Gone Bigger?

I had a breast implants 5 months ago, but I wish I had gone bigger:(... I am 165cm and 55kg, I got 320cc silicon ultra high profile in one breast and 375cc ultra high profile in another breast, Is it worth to get a revision?

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Should I get larger implants?

This is a decision that your surgeon can assist you with, but will ultimately be up to you. If you are truly unhappy with the size and will not be able to accept it then you may wish to have them revised. If on the other hand you consider the need for additional surgery and feel that it is not worth having it to address the problem, then you may opt to keep your present implants.

Best advise is to weigh the pros and cons with your surgeon.

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Implants too Small

You hold the ultimate answer to that question.  Reoperation in breast surgery is most often due to size change.  It is important that you and your surgeon have a clear understanding of your expectations in regard to size.  Sizing systems can be helpful as well as pictures.

Dr. ES

Breast augmentation revision

It is really up to you to decide if a revision is worthwhile. If you are unhappy with the final size and want to go bigger, then it your choice. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is it worth to get a revision?

Only you can answer that. There is not enough info here to offer much in the way of recommendation. Photos would help, as well as a clear understanding of your goals. 

A discussion with your surgeon will be more productive than any online advice. All the best

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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