How soon can I have Breast Augmentation re-done?

Is it normal to not be happy with my breast augmentation results? I mean my Doctor did an amazing job...they look really good...but they aren't what I expected... My implants are 500cc on each side before surgery I was between an A And B cup... I wanted to be a full D But I feel like I look the same as before some people don't even notice the change.... I feel horrible and want to go in for a redo... how soon can a redo be done? My surgery was done February 21, 2014....

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A/B and now with 500 cc implants

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If you were an A/B which basically means you had very little breast tissue and now hae a 500 cc implant, I can not imagine that it looks like you never had surgery.  Give it time to heal and review things with your surgeon.

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How soon can I have Breast Augmentation re-done?

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There is something really wrong here. You say you were an A/B  and had 500 cc implants and can't see a significant difference?!?  Those are way past an average size unless you have an awfully big body. Even on an extremely large woman that would make her cup size bigger by 2 cups. Go look at your preop photos.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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