Breast Revision and Worried I Have Uneven Breasts?

I had surgery in my left breast in dec2012 to correct capitulation, but since the surgery I've been worried my breast looks much larger than the right one (the surgery was 2 month ago).I'm worried they put a larger implant in , as I changed to a smaller size at last min in the 1St surgery.but my surgeon said he reused the old implant since it was just scar capitulation. I have no fluid our swelling so can see no reason else for the size can I find out for sure?

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Breast Revision and Worried I Have Uneven Breasts

An #evaluation may be best. Contact your plastic surgeon for an in-person examination as soon as possible to better determine the reason. There are many possible reasons for this result. However, your surgeon would know best due to the surgical #techniques she or he applied during the procedure.

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Breast revision

When a patient has a capsular contracture often a new implant is used. If you ahd the same one placed and the breast looks larger than before perhaps there is fluid?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Worried About Breast After Revision for CC?

I am not sure that I understand the revision surgery that you have had, nor the reason for it; It does seem rather unlikely that your surgeon would exchange the implant and then tell you that he didn't. I am not sure how you know there is no fluid or swelling.

The way to find out is to ask your surgeon. You can request a copy of the operative report if you wish. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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