Breast Augmentation 3 Yrs Ago, Doesn't Seem to Be Capsular Contracture But?

I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago (saline under the muscle) and all of a sudden I am having a severe pain in my right breast. I've looked into capsular contracture however my breast is not hard or deformed. The pain is most apparent when I push my breast up, lay on my stomach or when I attempt to hold myself up with my right arm. Is it possible I have torn the muscle? Or could this just be soreness. Is ripping the implant away from the chest wall possible? Could that be what I have done?

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Breast pain a few years after breast augmentation

There can be multiple causes of breast pain a few years after breast augmentation.  Even though the breasts are soft, there is still a capsule around the breast implant.  This capsule can be torn or stretched which can cause pain and swelling of the breast.  I have seen patients who have been many years out from their breast augmentation develop pain in the breast after some strenuous activity or excessive pressure on the implant that has caused tearing of the breast capsule.  The issue resolves on its own after a few weeks.  Sometimes anti-inflammatories and ice are helpful.  There are many other problems that can mimic breast pain--mainly inflammation of the ribs, muscles, or lung.  You should visit your plastic surgeon and consider going to your primary doctor as well.  Good luck and feel better.

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Hard to say what is causing your pain without interview and exam. From what you have said, it is probably a tear in the scar capsule, which will heal on its own. Take some Motrin daily, and give it 1-2 weeks. If no better, call your surgeon.

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Capsular contracture?

A hard, deformed breast occurs with a high grade capsular contracture.  You can still have a contracture of a lower grade which has not yet produced those symptoms.  You should be followed by your plastic surgeon and evaluated for capsule formation. There can be other reasons for sharp pain and these would need to be worked up as well.

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Breast Implants

Although your age is not specified in your question, any breast pain that does not subside in 1-2 weeks should be investigated.  If you are right handed, then certainly a muscle pull is a possibility.  You should be evaluated either by your PCP or your plastic surgeon if the pain persists.

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Breast pain, 3 years after augmentation

When a capsular contracture is present, that would be a likely cause of breast pain. Otherwise, hard to tell.

Breast pain occurs in women with and without implants. Causes can be related to the breast tissue itself, but also to adjacent anatomic structures, including muscles, sternum, ribs, rib cartilage, chest lining, lungs, heart. Seeing your plastic surgeon may be helpful in excluding capsular contracture, though that sounds unlikely.

Your primary physician will more likely have the experience in working out the possible cause and treatment if any is needed.

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

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Pain after 3 Years with Breast Implants

    Pain at 3 years following breast implants may be nothing to worry about.  A plastic surgeon should exam you to rule out capsular contracture, which you seem to have already ruled out.  The muscle may be in spasm or you may have chest wall tenderness or costochondritis.  You just need an exam. 

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Pain after breast augmentation

Hello. This pain can be from a variety of things. I would suggest speaking to your surgeon for an examination.

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Breast Pain 3 years After Augmentation

Hi Amanda.  I am sorry to hear you are experiencing breast pain.  Although your breast currently is not feeling hard or deformed, there may still be an issue with the capsule around the breast which may or may not resolve on its own.  As others have stated, it is also very possible that this is a torn or pulled muscle. You haven't indicated how long you have been experiencing pain in your breast, but if it has been more than a week, please see your plastic surgeon to rule out capsular contracture. It may be very easily treated at this point without surgery.  If it persists, a visit to your primary care physician is probably indicated to find out what the problem is. I hope this helps.  

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Pain in breast

Pain is a very non-specific description of your issue. What type of pain, where exactly, do activities bring it on, was there trauma?  Best to be seen in person.

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