I Had Breast Augmentation 6 Years Ago and Developed Rash- Connected?

the rash is moving up my neck and had a swollen lymph node in armpit. had mamogram and ultrasound all negative. Skin doc says its sun damage. it all started after the saline implants put in

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Rash post aug

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Since you are 6 years out I would not look to my saline impalnts as a cause of my rash.Perhaps it is a new soap or laundry deterge   that may be the culprit.nt

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Rash and Augmentation connected?

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I would say that your rash is most likely not connected in anyway to your implants.  It's never a bad idea to see your plastic surgeon for peace of mind.  However, I recommend you see a doctor that specializes in dermatology or allergies as it's more likely something along those lines.

I Had Breast Augmentation 6 Years Ago and Developed Rash- Connected?

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No connections could be related to the saline implants and a 6 year old skin rash. Maybe your derm is right, SUN DAMAGE! 

Skin disorders, allergies and breast implants

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no studies have shown silicone to cause allergies , rashes etc.  you should have a work up with a rheumatologist, allergist,  dermatologist.. 

that being said..  there are many poorly understood problems that people have.  environmental illnesses.. topical dermatitis to many products. 

removal of the implants should be the last step in this process

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Rash related to Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for your question.

Although unlikely to be related to the breast implants, no body can say for sure if there is any relationship. It would be in your best interest to seek consultation with an allergist and to rule out all other potential sources of allergy before "deciding" that it is the breast implants.

Best Wishes

Rash 6 years after implants.

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It is much more likely that your rash is related to a change in detergent, medication, or food allergy than to your saline implants placed 6 years ago.

David Bogue, MD
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Rash 6 years after surgery Unlikely related to Implants

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Hi there-

I cannot imagine a connection between your implant surgery and a skin rash that would occur 6 years after surgery.

If you have seen a dermatologist already, then I would say go with what they thought and said...

Saline implants and skin rash

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Photos and explicit information about the time frames would be even more helpful. Regardless, there is no relation between the saline implants and a skin rash and if this "rash"  has been present the whole time, it is not a rash as already explained to you by a dermatologist.

You may want to either return to your original plastic surgeon or go to one in your area and discuss you concerns.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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