Getting Large Breast Implants Using TUBA Incision?

5'4 155lb 32yo and wear 36A want to be a full dd am doing natrelle smooth round saline implants under muscle and tuba incision thought 700 cc would put me at a full dd but nurse said it would probably take 800 cc and the doctor said not sure he can get that to fit but would try to but said is sure can get atleast 500 cc in there here are my questions what would 500 cc put my cup size at & for me to achieve dd cup how many cc you think & has anyone ever gone this big with their 1st augmentation

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Huge Implants CAN be Placed in the Breasts - BUT...

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Many women confuse the mere physical ABILITY to shove a very large breast implant into a breast with it resulting in an attractive short or long-term results - In the 1950's college boys competed on how many frat boys could squeeze into a phone book. (Obviously, the number would differ if the were football line backers or members of the Glee club). Today women assume that the secret correction to an A or smaller cup is shoving the biggest possible breast implant that would not rip the overlying breast skin. NOTHING could be more wrong.

The PERFECT most natural breast result from picking an implant that is COVERED by your present (A breast) soft tissues (to cover up the ripples and folds of the implants) and which can sit on the flat portion of the forward facing chest cage, however narrow, without slipping sideways and preventing forward movement of the arms.

An uncovered implant = Visible and palpable breast ripples
a Large implant (IE more than 350 cc) = skin stretching, permanent breast thinning and rapid sagging requiring breast scars and recurrent Breast Lift Procedures

"Going Big" with 500 cc and higher is often NOT a wise choice in both the short term and definitely a poor and costly decision in the long term

Many women Assume that a xxx cc implant would always produce a full C and that a ZZZ cc implant would always produce D cup breast  in every woman - There are too many variations in play to make this happen. The same volume implant will result is different breasts in the SAME woman because the vast majority of women have asymmetric breasts and chests and because manufacturers' cup sizes vary significantly.

If you keep asking for "big ones", you will get them. But I bet when you join the many thousands of women who took this path you will regret it in the near future.

Choose wisely.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

TUBA and sizing breast implants

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The disadvantages of the TUBA approach to breast augmentation is that the very indirect approach results in a significant loss of control in getting the implant situated properly in an accurate pocket, possible injury to the implant in placement, and the necessity of using an inframammary crease incision later if any revision or replacement is required. An inappropriately sized implant, if saline-filled, can be done via a TUBA approach but this will add to the likelihood of a poor outcome and the need for a revision. 

For Allergan Natrelle saline-filled implants the proper way to size them is to use one that is about 3/4 cm less than the width of the breast upright and then use a high profile for the forward projection. This will fit and look natural if positioned and healed properly and will make the breast look about two cup sizes larger than it started out. This is the maximum increase using available implants and what the breast tissues will allow for in one operation. The only way to reliably get to larger sizes is to do it in stages and this would not be feasible with a TUBA approach. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Implants and cup size

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It is difficult to correlate cup size with implant volumes.  I do not think that you need an 800 cc implant to get into the DD range.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Size of the Implant (volume) and Bra cup size

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There really is a disconnect between volume as measured by CC (cubic centimeters  which equals milliters and grams for water) which is a scientific measurement that is standardized compared to cup size which can be an arbitrary garment designation. On average you should go up one cup size for every 150 to 200cc of volume that is added but this is only an estimate. Try the sizers, on and then a bra over this to "guesstimate" the final cup size.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

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