Breast Augmentation the 2nd Time, with Capsule Contracture. What to Expect?

I'm thinking of getting my breast implants re-done after 7 years. I'm sure I have capsule contracture. How much different is it going to be from the 1st time: *risk/safety-wise? *pain-wise? *cost? Any other information would be great also. Thanks.

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Capsular contracture revision surgery

The pain is generally less but depends on the extent of the surgery. A neopectoral pocket may result in a lower rate of caspular contracture.

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What to expect from a revision augmentation

Revision surgery is always less predictable than the original operation. When dealing with capsular contracture, this is especially true. A contracture often forms with no identifiable reason. Treatment options may include complete removal of the previous capsule, changing the pocket or placement of the implants, changing the type of implant, and even adding a dermal matrix (Alloderm) to the repair to try and prevent recurrence. Usually, this is a more costly operation than a first time augmentation. Prices vary considerably based on the area of the country you live in. Recovery is about the same as the primary augmentation. The risks of surgery are typically the same as a primary augmentation with the exception that capsular contracture risks are higher. It is important to be sure that your plastic surgeon is Board Certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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Secondary breast augmentation

Usually teh second procedure is not as uncomfortable as the first, but if you have a capsular contracture, you are probably at higher risk to get it again.

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Second Breast Augmentation

In general, implant-related complications (such as capsular contracture) are higher with the second breast augmentation.  That said there are things that your surgeon can do to try to avoid thess issues.  Changing the site of the implant from subglandular to submuscular (or visa-versa) is an example.  As for recovery, most patients find it easier as the skin/muscle have already accomodated the previous implant, so there is less pain.

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Surgery To Exchange Implants Usually Easier

There are alot of variables that go into whether the surgery will be an easier recovery or harder recover, more or les srisk, etc.  However, generally speaking, changing the implants out after they have been done already is an easier task. The risks are essentially the same as they were with your first surgery. 

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Secondary revision of breast implants

There is not enough information to give you a definitive answer. There are many different scenarios for a patient wit capsular contracture that depends on location of the implant, reason for the contracture, degree of contractue and scarring, type and size of implant and if these are to be exchanged, etc. A simple contracture may be relieved by capsulotomies or capsulectomies or with change of implants including the position of the implants. Costs and recovrey will vary.

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Reaugmentation with Capsular Contracture

If possible you should have your surgeon create a new pocket for your implants which is totally outside the original pocket or capsule.  If your implants were originally placed above the muscle, you should strongly consider having them placed below the muscle with the second surgery.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Breast augmentation the 2nd time

General questions are that same or more risks of bleeding if doing a capsular excision, fees more than 7 years ago, results based on no information given should be good. SEE 3 boarded surgeon in your area. From MIAMI Dr. B

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