I'll Have Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle Before Thanks Giving and I'm Afraid of Pain?

Hi, I'm going for a breast augmentation on November 16 and I'm extremely afraid of pain. It will be saline under the muscle, around 400 cc. I have to travel two weeks after and have to give a talk on a seminar. It all involves parties, high heels, and wine. Shall I postpone my surgery?

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Pain after Breast augmentation

Recovery after breast augmentation can vary from patient to patient. I tell my patients to expect 60-70% of the pain and discomfort to go away after one week and the rest after two weeks. Most patients are off narcotics during the daytime hours after the first week.

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Submuscular Implants and Pain

Dear Mosal,  One of persistent myths in breast augmentation surgery is that the under the muscle placement is more painful and requires a longer recovery than the under the breast pocket.  Perhaps in the older days of breast augmentation surgery this was correct when the technique required a lot of blunt dissection-that is a lot of tearing the tissues to make the pocket.  Newer techniques involve little if any blunt dissection and therefore faster recovery.  Most of our patients are brisk walking in 2-3 days and have returned back to their desk jobs by that time.  It is rare that anyone needs anything stronger than a Tylenol or an Ibuprofen after the first week.

Please discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon who based on their personal patient history can best advise you on the timing of your trip and procedure.

Hope this helps.

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Pain After Breast Augmentation

in addition to the previous comments, I would suggest you do pay special attention to keeping your pain under good control in the first few days after your surgery by taking the medications prescribed by your surgeon as prescribed. Keeping the initial pain under control tends to get people back to normal quicker than trying to tough it out initially.



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Will I have pain 2weeks after breast augmentation under the muscle?

In the majority of patients 2 weeks after breast augmentation there is not a need for narcotic based pain medications.  At that point over the counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories should be adequate for pain control.  If there are any concerns then try to plan your surgery so you will be in your local area longer without event obligations around that time.

Comfortable Breast Augmentation

There are a number of things which can be done to make your recovery quite easy. Two weeks after surgery you should easily be able to travel and speak at your seminar. Most of my patients take three days off of office work. Gentile technique, medication prior to surgery, and long acting local anesthetic can help to greatly speed your recovery.

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Pain control after breast augmentation

I agree with Dr. Bakshandeh. There is so much variation in perceived pain after a breast augmentation that I'm not sure there is any actual difference in above or under the muscle placement. If there is it's in the first couple of days but I don't think it's something to base a decision on. 

I recommend patients take the first week off after breast augmentation and they can use narcotic pain medication as needed. The second week normal activity that doesn't stress the chest is quite feasible and narcotic pain medication shouldn't be needed. There are a few restrictions such as soaking, sleeping position, extreme arm use and the bra is still worn like a splint in the second week. After the second week essentially all the restrictions are lifted and the patient should be able to look and act quite normally except for something like extreme sports. 

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

How an individual reacts to pain from surgery varies from person to person. However, at 2 weeks the average person will most likely still have some slight discomfort. But, they usually do not require narcotic pain medications by that time.

With regard to traveling, I recommend traveling light if you can. You will definitely feel pain in your chest muscles if you try to put a heavy bag in the overhead compartment of a plane or try to pick up a heavy suitcase out of baggage carousel.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck!

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Parties two weeks after surgery

By two weeks my patients usually feel a lot better but I tell them to avoid vigorous activities.  Good luck.

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I'm Afraid of Pain

The overwhelming majority of patients are completely functional and off of pain medicines by two weeks. The early postop pain is usually very manageable with whatever pain medication your surgeon and you prefer. 

But everyone heals at a different pace, and each patient has a unique personal recovery experience. If this seminar is crucial and the issues around recovery are causing you anxiety, by all means find a time that works better for you.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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