Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Lead to Problems Later on with Breastfeeding?

Does this surgery cause breastfeeding problems? Will a baby have trouble latching on to the nipple? How does it affect milk production?

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Breast augmentation breastfeeding

Breast augmentation should not interfere with breast feeding if the incisions are kept away from the nipple.  Periareolar incisions can cause scarring of the ducts, so a better approach is to use an incision in the fold under the breast.  The type of implant used for augmentaiton has no bearing on ability to breast feed.

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Breast feeding after augmentation

If your implants are sub-muscular and are put in through an incision away from the nipple, breast feeding likely will not be affected.  BUT KEEP IN MIND - not all women are successful at breast feeding, whether they have implants or not.  Also keep in mind, that there is a Breast Feeding Industrial Complex out there that will try to convince you that breast feeding is more important than your sleep, your sanity, your health, your marriage, your other children, your job,  and, yes, your baby. 

Breast pump survivor, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

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Will breast implants interfere with later breast feeding?

There should be no interference with breast feeding in patients who have undergone breast augmentation, particularly if the incision is such that breast tissue is not violated, such as when the incision is in the inframammary crease below the breast.  There may be a higher risk when an incision is placed around the nipple, as dissection is required through some amount of breast tissue and ducts that lead from the milk glands to the nipple, although this varies according to technique. 

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Breast implants and breast feeding

Placing breast implants in general does not violate a lot of breast tissue and therefore if a patient could breast feed before surgery, then more than likely after surgery, they will be able to as well.

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Breast Feeding and Breast Augmentation

Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Lead to Problems Later on with Breastfeeding?
Does this surgery cause breastfeeding problems? Will a baby have trouble latching on to the nipple? How does it affect milk production?

In general, what I tell my patients is that if you were able to breast feed before your surgery, you will be able to breast feed afterwards.  However, if you have not have any kids or have not tried to breast feed then I can not tell you that you would be able to breast feed after your breast augmentation surgery as we dont know if you are capable of breast feeding period.

Hope that makes sense.

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Breast augmentation & breast feeding

Insertion of implants ,wether being placed under or above youe breast tissue would have minimal or no negative impact on your ability to nurse . It usually would not affect your nipples , if any affect it could make it easier for the babie. If implants are inserted through incision around your areola ( pigmented circle around your nipples ) it may reduce your nurcing because of cutting through your breast tissues.

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Breast implant and breast feeding

Breast feeding is generally not affected from breast implant surgery. If the incision is placed in the areola then there is a possibility of damaging the milk ducts. If the implant is introduced through an incision under the breast then the risk of damaging gland tissue or ducts is negligible.

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Breast Feeding and Implants

Breast augmentation is a procedure that should not affect your ability to breast feed. The breast ducts are large enought to be visible during the course of a surgery, and are rarely encountered in a standard breast augmentation. That being said, not all women can breast feed.  In general, most women who have had a breast augmenation have no trouble breast feeding after surgery. The only way this should impact your decision to proceed is if you are considering having a child soon - then I would suggest you wait until the pregnancy and breast feeding is complete - aas this will change the shape of your breasts.

Best of luck

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Breast Augmentation Should Have No Affect on Breast Feeding

Regardless of breast implant, breast incision, or above or below the muscle implant placement, your breast augmentation surgery should have no influence on breast feeding or lactaion, latching on the nipple, or milk production amounts.


Durinng surgery, care is taken to avoid the milk ducts and nerves that "feed" the nipple or areola.  Long-term, you should be able to retain your ability fo lactate and breast feed.  Take care, and have a great day!

Roy Kim, MD
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Breast implants and breast feeding

There is a potential for problems with breast feeding for those with and without breast implants, however the track record is generally positive as breast implants seem to have little influence for most. There also should be plenty of blogs for those who breast feed and others should be able to give you their experiences.

Best of luck,


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