Breast Augmentation & Slight Trip Jerked Arm Forward

Breast Augmentation March 26th, I caught my slipper on the step it caused me to jerk forward with my right arm, I felt a slight tear/rip feeling, like it was the tissue in the pocket of my implant, ouch!!! I have saline implants under the muscle, & I know I have mostly muscle & breast tissue , very little fat is what I was told from the mammagram pre-op.Can you tear the pouch they've made for the implant & how much longer would it or might it take to heal? Should I be concerned about the slight jerk to my breast when I tripped?

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Injury after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description of events, it is unlikely that any real harm was done with the “trip”. However, only a plastic surgeon is in a position to advise or reassure you after direct examination.

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Any concerns in the first few weeks after your surgery should be discussed with your surgeon

Certainly a trip or fall of significant implant can cause problems with healing in the immediate postoperative period.  That being said it takes a strong impact to "tear a pocket" after implant placement.  Anytime someone falls or njures herself in the first few weeks after surgery she should be seen by her surgeon for an examination to rule out any problems.  Good luck!

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