Breast Augmentation Size Reduction?

I had BA 10 days ago with Silicone Gel Natrelle 371cc style 15, under muscle. I had a 32" bust and a D cup (well a D cup for the width of my breasts but the cup was never properly filled so probably a B cup in real life!). Now I am feeling like my breasts are too large! I know it is early to tell but at my 1 week PO my surgeon said that the swelling was gone and they would not get smaller, just drop and in fact look larger. My original plan was 330 CC low profile now I am thinking I blew it!

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Swelling After Breast Augmentation - Wait it Out

Breast augmentation is a body-image-changing procedure.  Postoperatively, the patient has a dramatic change in her chest contour.  The implants feel uncomfortable and "in the way" during the activities of daily living.  Couple these feelings with the compromise in judgment that accompanies narcotic pain medication and you have the recipe for an emotional, rocky postoperative course.   The general time line for postoperative swelling experienced by my patients goes something like this:

* Day 2 - maximum swelling and discomfort, "What have I done?"
* Day 10 - first stages of swelling decreasing, "I am going to live and I feel a little better."
* Day 30 - Much but not all of the swelling is gone, "I hope that they don't decrease in size more."
* Day 90 - Almost all of the swelling has dissipated, "I feel like I am recovered and like the size."
* 90-180 days - Slight changes in the breast with final breast shape achieved at the end of this time, "Some times I wish they were bigger, sometimes I wish they were smaller, but I generally like the size."

You are very early in this postoperative progression.  Have patience and wait for the improved final result.  Don't make any rash decisions.  Follow up closely with your operating surgeon for support.

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Most women feel they are too large 10 days after breast augmentation but this goes away.

Most women postop think they've made a mistake by choosing an implant is too large. By one year the same women think they made a mistake by choosing an implant that is too small.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Post-op Blues

It is extremely common for all patients to have some kind of concern about whether or not they made all the right decisions in the early post-op period.  Try and relax and realize that it will be a least six weeks before you should really be judging your final result, if not longer in some cases.

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Breast Augmentation Size Reduction?

Dear cocokitty1,

You are still early in the recovery period.

With time, the implants usually settle down, and swelling resolves. It can take 3-6 months to see your final result.

It might be prudent to give yourself at least 3 months to see your final size and shape and to reassess your feelings then.

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Larry Fan, MD


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Breast Augmentation Size Reduction?

It is certainly too early to assess a final result. I don't necessary agree that the apparent size will increase, and could not of course comment without photos. 

If the 371's seem too large, it is likely that so too will 330's be. I am not sure you or your surgeon could tell much if any difference--this is about a shot glass. The difference between the two implants is about half a centimeter (one fifth of an inch) in projection. 
I would strongly urge withholding judgement and any decision for a minimum of 3 months after surgery. 

All the best;.  

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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