Breast augmentation-Sensitivity, and rubbing sensation/squeaky sound when rubbing my breast. Is this normal?

Silicon, under the muscle, 7.5 wks PO. I've been healing just fine, but suddenly 2 days ago I started feeling a bit of an uncomfortable, rubbing sensation in my breast. Later the breast started to feel a bit tender. I wouldn't say it hurts, it 's just a bit more sensitive now. If I listen carefully, I can hear a squeaky rubbing sound when I push the breast towards the center of my chest, or when I bow down or do other movements and the breast moves.. Is this normal? Thanks!

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Emerging complaints 7 1/2 weeks after breast augmentation should be brought to the attention of your surgeon.

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I doubt you have much to worry about but there should be gradual improvement over weeks. Any changes in progress should be reported to your plastic surgeon.

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