Is Breast Augmentation Selfish?

I'm booked to have silicone implants using the dual-plane technique. Up until now, I've been really excited, now the doubts are creeping in and I'm worried I'm being selfish. I have 2 kids & I'm so scared something will go wrong meaning I'll not be able to look after them properly! I'm aware of the surgical risks, and infection, capsular contraction etc but can you tell me is there anything serious that could happen? Really want to go ahead but scared and feel such a selfish Mum!

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Breast Augmentation Selfish?

Thank you for your question. It is always a difficult decision to have any elective procedure. Many women who undergo breast augmentation are  mothers with young children. This procedure is frequently done to correct the post-pregnancy changes in the breast. For most patients, the initial recovery is pretty short. For my patients, I start them with early motion exercises the day of surgery and they are back to light activity in 3-5 days. Of course you will need some help at home for the first few days following surgery.

Complications from breast augmentation are very rare, but any surgery has its risks. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and make sure that he/she uses DVT (deep vein thrombosis) prevention therapy, since this is the biggest risk of any surgery. This is basically the use of a sequential compression device used during surgery that helps prevent blood clots.   DVT is extremely rare during breast augmentation. I've been performing breast augmentation for 30  years and have never had a patient experience DVT.  

There is nothing selfish about wanting to look and feel your best.  For most women, the benefits far outweigh any potential risks.  

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Is Breast Augmentation Selfish?

Cosmetic surgery, especially breast augmentation after having children, is really to help restore your breasts to the normal shape and appearance before having children. I think that is good for self esteem and overall can help the patient psychologically and is not a selfish maneuver.

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Breast Augmentation Selfish? #breastimplants

I totally understand your fears. I have two little ones and my wife had the same struggles that you are talking about. It is always a difficult decision to have any elective procedure. Most women who undergo breast augmentation are indeed mothers with children a few years old. Possible remorse is the most common emotion I hear my patients discuss. The biggest limitation you will face is that you can not lift your children for about 6 weeks. Outside of that your initial recovery is pretty short. Within 2 weeks your soreness will be much improved and you will be getting back to a more normal life. Complications from breast augmentation are so rare, but any surgery has it's risks. Just soul search and make sure this is the right time for you. You have to do something for you at some point!

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Breast augmentation - who am I doing it for? Am I selfish?

Dear Biddy

Thank you for your question - it is a big decision to go through with any form of aesthetic surgery, especially when you have the responsibilities of being a mother, and the fear of a complication resulting in the inability for you to care for your children. 

A big proportion of breast augmentation patients are mothers of young children, and fortunately complications are uncommon. At the end of the day, your decision to undergo the surgery will most likely be linked to your feelings about yourself, your self confidence and your own body image. The majority of people are so happy post-operatively (saying things like "the old me is back") that this permeates to their everyday lives and has a positive effect on others, including their children.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether this is the right thing for you, and I completely understand your dilemma.

Good luck with your decision!


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Is Cosmetic Surgery Selfish?

Maybe, maybe not.  Cosmetic surgery is elective, and by definition is surgery to enhance or improve normal anatomy.  Reconstructive surgery seeks to correct deformities in form or function and create a more normal condition.

Sometimes it is OK to be selfish however.  Only you can weigh the benefits, alternatives, risks.  Fortunately, this is generally a low risk procedure.



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