Best Option for Scars Around Areolas?

I have hyperpigmented and uneven scars around my areolas as a result of breast augmentation. I would like to know what is the best option in this case? Would Glycolic acid work? Thanks.

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Periareolar scarring

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Dr. Yuan has made some fine comments.

Just one additional comment: If the breast augmentation was done with a periareolar (around the areolar) lift, often scarring and nipple shape can be dramatically improved by converting these surgeries to an anchor scar, distributing the tension to much less less visible regions of the breast than the periareolar incision does.

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Pigmented scars after breast surgery

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Giving the scars time and adding massage with a liquid silicone gel preparation might help. Stay away from the acids as you could introduce more inflammation and make them even darker. Keeping them away from sun exposure or tanning beds can also keep them from getting darker. An opinion from your surgeon would also be a good idea.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Pigmentation issues in scars, especially in a peri-areolar incision is difficult to "cure". I would suggest giving the scars maximum time to heal since many scars that look dark early on will lighten over time. This may mean 12-24 months. Also, premature treatment can often stimulate even more healing problems. If the pigmentation is truly abnormal, judicious laser treatment targeting the specific color pattern may be tried but beware of possible worsening of the scar since the laser treatment can produce further injury.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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