Mentor Memeroy Gel Moderate Plus Profile Give Me a More Natural Softer Breast?

I am looking into having BA revision. I have done a lot of research on the net and currently have 365cc round high profile cohesive gel implants (gummey bears). They have moved out of their pocket and are sitting in my armpit, I am in a lot of discomfort and they look revolting. My PS said this is just my body shape which I thought was the case, but after doing my research found this to be a common problem. My question for the doctors is do they think the mentor memeroy gel moderate plus profile would give me a more natural softer breast with nice cleavage and what is the maximum size I can go. I am 5ft9 125lbs 30" ribcage and BW is 13. Thank you

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Good surgical technique is what will determine result of revision breast augmentation.

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Mentor Memory gel moderate plus profile breast implants are what we use 90% of the time, and I think they are fine for you. But what you need is major skilled reconstuction of the implant pockets.  Make sure you have an expert surgeon, and ask to see lots of before and after pictures.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Capsule should be narrowed prior to implant insertion

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Lateral displacement of implants is a real problem and is due to several factors, including weak lateral support tissue, heavy implants and the repeated motion of the pectoralis muscle. The muscle under which the implant is placed is the pectoralis major. This is a large triangular-shaped muscle and will cover approximately 80% of the implant.

The lower outer quadrant is the weak spot. It is important to look at chest wall shape and how the ribs come out from the breast bone. If there is a sharp drop off, then the implants, especially when you are lying down, will fall off to the side. If your breast diameter is ~13 cm, then you most likely have a flat platform for the implants to rest upon.

To correct your problem, the implant must be removed and the pocket needs to be re-oriented and closed down laterally. It may also need to be opened up medially and superiorly as well. The choice implant may be important. Your existing high profile implant has a narrow base and you will be better suited for an implant with a wider base.

A moderate plus or moderate implant may do well for you depending upon your size requirements. The memory gel implant would be a good choice for you the exact profile of the implant would need to be determined at the time of an examination.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Different implants may make a nice change

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The Mentor implants are very good. You will need to have a revision surgery to make sure the implant pocket is right for your new implants. This can be accomplished with sutures, but may also need Alloderm or some other product to help make a sling for your new implants and keep them out of your armpits. Good luck with your surgery.

Don't be hasty in replacing your breast implants

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As one of the clinical investigators for the "gummy bear" implants I have about 400 patients with these implants. I'm not sure of your sources, but I've never seen implants that went into the arm pits. I have also used the mentor implants and can not imagine that they offer any advantage over the Silimed now Sientra implants.

Some more important issues would be: Are the implants textured or smooth, are they above or below the muscle, complete or partial muxcle coverage, was the muscle cut during the surgery? What post-operative measures did you perform?, massage?

Answers to the above questions are more likely to provide a potential solution than simply changing the implant to one that is historically no better than what you have.

Memory gel implants are softer

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The memory gel implants are definitely softer than the cohesive gel implants. As for the implant going into the armpit, they are obviously displaced and need to be repositioned.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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The Mentor gel implant is excellent

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I use Mentor memory gel implants in about 90% of my augmentations. They produce a natural looking and feeling breast. The proper size for you depends on the base diameter behind your breast and the profile look you desire. If you want a natural look, use the moderate profile; for a bit more cleavage, use the moderate plus and for an exaggerated profile use the high profile style.

Internal mastopexy

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The key procedure in your case is to perform suturing of the breast cavity on the inside to narrow the diameter of the implant cavity.

You plastic surgeon can determine the best increase in breast volume, it is usually a function of your breast diameter.

I like to use high profile or moderate plus to give a nice projection. Hope that helps!

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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High profile implants can look artificial even when they are soft.

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High profile implants should be chosen carefully since they look like globes even before they are places.  In occasional cases this may fit the patient.  I prefer moderate profile in most patients.

Cohesive gel is not the "gummy bear" implant.  This is semantics, I know, but you may be unaware of the type of implant you really have.

The implants in your armpit are problems with placement.  Did you have an axillary approach?  It sounds as though you will need a revisional operation.  I think the choice of implants is less important than the execution of the operation.

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