Will Breast Implants Drop 6 Weeks After Revision?

I had cc revision 6 weeks ago. The breast implant was quite high on my chest, but is starting to drop and moving nicely. My plastic surgeon said he created a neo-pocket. It appears that the implant is about half an inch from the bottom of my breast pocket. Will it drop any more, now that I am six weeks post-op? At the time of the revision, I had both implants changed from 600cc to 900 cc. Could this be why the implant feels somewhat tight now and higher still? Please help!

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Yes, implants may take 6-9 months to settle

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IT can sometimes take up to 6-9 months for breast implants to settle after augmentation surgery and for this reason I typically defer any revisionary procedures for at least this amount of time.

Breast implants may take at least 3 months to drop

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Yes, a large implant could be the reason, but I feel that the implants can take at least 3 months to "drop" in their pocket. Massaging the implants in a downward position can help.

Breast implants may drop weeks after revision

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At this point things might drop if there is room, but with larger implants it is hard to know if scarring will prevent the descent. Just follow up with your surgeon as this process evolves so that you can have good advice as to what you might do.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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