Breast Augmentation Redo, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi, I´m 5´7, 120lb, had my ba 1 year ago (325cc sil hp) I have some asymmetry and I`m going to have that corrected soon. My options are 1) to lower the right crease and increase in size to 400cc hp, 2) to have the left breast lifted (internal bra) to the same position as the right breast, my ps wont let me increase in size if I go with this alternative. Would love your opinions on what I should do, I`d like a slightly fuller look but rather too small than too big, I love the perky look. Thanks!

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You would get better result with revising the left pocket

The option of going bigger will make the problem worse. Your left implant pocket is too low and need revision. You may had this asymmetry before surgery and was not recognized. Before picture would be helpful.

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Breast Augmentation Redo, What Should I Do?

Even with the excellently posted photos it is hard to advise without in person examination. My choice is #1. Best to you and please give follow up. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Breast fold correction

I completely disagree with Dr. Zubowicz. The left fold is overdissected. I would raise the left fold and would most likely use Strattice or other acellular dermal matrix for support. I would not stage this. Whether you use same implant or go a little larger or smaller is not that important.

Jason Pozner, MD
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Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone.

Revisional surgery for breast asymmetry is tricky and has a high complication rate relative to breast augmentation itself.  The use of acellular matrix increases the cost dramatically as well as the complication rate.  I would consider 2 options.  First, live with what you have.  The asymmetry is clearly there but your breasts are otherwise attractive.  Second, if you insist on having the asymmetry addressed, take out the implants and let the pockets heal.  Return in a few months and redo the breast augmentation as though it was a first time augmentation.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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I Have Capsularptosis On The Left - How Do I Make My Breasts Even?

Thank you for your pictures.  I followed the threads and saw your pre-operative picture on a previous question you asked.  Pre-operatively, your left inframammary fold was definitely lower than your right.  This is what created a problem for your plastic surgeon.  At this point, I would lower the inframammary fold on the right about 1 cm and do a capsulopexy on the left.  The capsulopexy can be done using existing capsular tissue and placing Reston foam below the breast to buttress the repair for about one week, or you can use acellular dermal matrix to create your capsulopexy. 

I see no reason not to increase the volume of your implants at the same time.  The incision needs to be periareolar, and of course, I would use a Keller funnel to decrease the chance of capsular contracture as well as being able to put a larger implant through a smaller incision. 

The combination of lifting the left fold and dropping the right fold should bring your breasts closer to even.  However, because of the great pre-operative disparity between the two inframammary folds, totally even bottoms of breasts may be very difficult. 

Breast Augmentation Redo, What Should I Do

Thanks for the question and for including good photos. What makes a breast attractive is truly in the eye of the beholder, and my eye tells me the right breast is a very well proportioned structure. Leave it alone and lift the left side. I have fixed many problems like this over the years and find no need for acellular dermal matrix and its excessive cost. Just make sure your surgeon is well versed in this type of repair. Getting it redone for free is no bargain if it goes wrong again. It just gets harder and harder to make it right.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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