Breast Augmentation Redo Due to Weight Gain, Breast Feeding

I had a breast augmentation 4 years ago after the birth of my second child. Thanks to weight gain, breast feeding and weight loss. I went from a B cup to a D cup. However, because of the weight of the implants and aging, the breasts are no longer high and create a clevage; they hang to my waist and look sad:) I am thinking about getting to a size C cup and making them perkier. They feel to heavy, and the bra straps dig into my shoulders despite fitting every three months. Any words of advice?

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Breast implant removal is sometimes a good choice if breasts become excessively large over time

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The symptoms you describe mandate that something be done to reduce the weight of your breasts. This could be either complete removal of the implants or exchange with a smaller size. The choice selected would depend on your personal preference of cup size or volume.

A separate issue is whether you should have a breast lift or mastopexy in addition to the above procedure. Once again this depends on your personal esthetic goal. I suspect however that from your description and comment about the breasts looking “sad,” that you would likely choose the breast lift as well.

These are complex issues and there is not a simple solution. These are not risk free procedures. I would recommend a formal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to get a full understanding of your options and potential risks.

I hope this response is of some benefit to you. Good luck as you seek the treatment and I hope you are able to relieve your symptoms.

Breast lift and replacement if necessary

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You can certainly have a breast lift to correct the sagging and implant replacement if necessary to adjust breast size. Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to find out what would be most suitable to achieve your expectations. The lift and replacement may be performed at one time, or at separate times. 

Weight Gain , Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation

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You sound like a candidate for removal of breast implants ( or replacement with smaller implants), and a breast lift procedure. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You can obtain a list from the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery website (ASPS)  of surgeons in your area.   

Breast augmentation and weight gain or loss

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Some of the symptoms your are describing are common in women who have large breasts and desire breast reduction. That said, one option is to downsize your implants or remove them and/ or get an auto-augmentation with your remaining tissue. In this procedure, we use your own tissue and lift it into a desirable position then shape the breast. You should visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to have an exam and options explained to you about your specific circumstance. Good Luck.

Mommy Lift

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Based on your description, a breast lift and a change to a smaller breast implant may be in order.  I would advise a consultation with a board certfied plastic surgeon to determine what procedure or combination of procedures is most appropriate for you based on your lifestyle, lifestage, and medical conditions.

Changes in BA after weight gain

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Your situation is very common. Goals and bodies change after pregnancy and weight changes. It sound like you would be most happy with at least a lift, if not also down-sizing. For a better opinion make a consultation with a good Plastic surgeon. If you were happy with your first surgery and surgeon - go back.


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AT this point, it sounds as if you have developed larger native breast tissues than you had originally. In many instances such as these, we simply remove the implants and perform a lift.

Need smaller breast implants and breast lift.

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1) From your description, you need a minimal scar (either circular around the nipples, or more likely a loliipop) breast lift, together with a revision breast augmentation using smaller implants.

2) I recommend using disposable, sterile breast implant SIZERS during surgery to be sure of best size. A sizer costs only $45, and takes out the guess work.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breasts sagging after augmentation

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I see this all the time. I think you will be much happier with smaller implants and a lift. Keep in mind that your skin will continue to age and the lift is not going to last forever. However, it is usually still worth it. In my experience, most patients want significantly smaller implants, at least 100-150cc smaller, when they feel their breasts are too heavy. Consider either silicone gel or silcone style 410 implants. Saline implants are much heavier and stretch the skin more. Hope this helps.

Breast Lift with or without implant exchange will help

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This is a normal and a common complaint. A breast lift with or without exchange of your implant with a smaller implant is every thing you will require. Another option is to just remove the implant and get a lift.

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