Breast Augmentation Recovery Helppppp I wish to do a BA under the muscle. But I am a bit worried about recovery?

I have two babies one which is 2 years old and one 9 months old they weigh 10 and 11 Kgs, will I be able to handle them? I can say that I can tolerate pain very well, I have previously had 2 c-sections and I was up walking the day after. I could lift bought my babies carefully though i was suggested not to for 6 weeks but had no other option. Is it true that BA post op is like milk engorgement? As if yes it's nothing compared to C-section. Please I really need a reply.

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Move Forward With Your Breast Augmentation

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We perform many breast augmentations on mothers with small children. Most of these patients will have implants under the muscle. We do have activity restrictions in place for 6 weeks that include weight lifting restrictions, but we adjust for the needs of mothers like you. We haven't seen a change in problems in this set of patients. It is best to have help and lift the children as little as possible but we understand that this can't be totally avoided.

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Recovery After Breast Augmentation

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My patients usually return to normal activities in 3-4 days, and can lift their children in 3-7 days. Normal activity is defined as lifting normal weight objects, raising hands above head well enough to wash your hair, and driving.  Pain is variable, but we use ibuprofen only, post-op, and supplement that with some Norco (hydrocodone/tylenol) only if needed. I don't use any drains or special bras.  I advise patients to lift their arms over their head five times an hour starting right after surgery. That helps to stretch the muscle and get mobility sooner.  Most patient wake up with no pain since we inject Marcaine into the muscle and incision. Marcaine (bupivacaine anesthetic) lasts about six hours. For a little extra expense, patients can have Exparel, a long acting form of bupivacaine that lasts three days.
  I do almost all breast augmentations under the muscle since that gives better contour to the upper breast, camouflages the implant edge in the upper breast, and has a lower risk of capsular contracture when using smooth implants.
  The only restriction on activity is not to get your heart rate over 100 for  two weeks, as this correlates with blood pressure and we like to think it decreases the rare risk of post-operative bleeding. Other than that, you can lift your children in 3-4 days in most cases

Robert M. Lowen, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Recovery from breast aug.

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Hi kattykat. Seems like you have your hands full. In general I recommend one week of restricted activities after breast augmentation above or beneath the muscle. You would need someone to help with your children for that week. You will be up and about but probably should not pick up your children. After that week you can pick them up carefully. Many women do say that BA feels like milk engorgement. One consistent thing is that the bigger you go the more it hurts, usually, but some people do not find BA painful. Dring and normal activity is ok at one week. Of course you shouldn't do anything that hurts and strenuous activity should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks. All surgeons will have their own set of post op instructions. Good luck.

William H. Sabbagh, MD
Detroit Plastic Surgeon
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