Is It Possible to Get a Breast Augmentation when I'm Still Producing Milk?

Is it possible to get a breast augmentation when I'm still producing milk? Before I was a D cup. Went up to an F cup during my pregnancy&after. Now 8 months later Im down to a C. I know I still have milk,because the pressure has been killing me for 8months,not to mention I wake up with my shirt soaked,Ive tried everything to dry them up... I have so much extra skin & stretch marks, I need to know if its possible?

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Wait Until After Breastfeeding

You should probably wait until about 6 months after you've stopped producing milk before considering a breast augmentation. This is because it's best to wait until after the effects of breast milk production subside. Your breasts may be affected by ptosis, and a breast augmentation alone may not be sufficient in achieving the results you want. At that time, you may want to consider a breast lift as well.

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Breast Augment Timing after Pregnancy

Speak with your Plastic Surgeon re: best timing for breast augmentation  with silicone or saline implants is when you are all finished with breast feeding, I recommend waiting until your breasts are back to baseline which takes several months following breast feeding. I would recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months and 1 year is even better.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Not advisable to get augmentation while lactating

You would be selling yourself short if you got an augmentation while still producing milk.  Your breasts would shrink once your milk went away, and you would pine for the size you were.

There may be a slightly higher risk of infection during lactation as well.

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Breast sugmentation and milk production

I would only recommend an augmentation when your milk has dried up.  The breasts are engorged. They are probably hypervascular which would lead to potential bleeding issues and it would be difficult to size up the appropriate implant knowing that the breast will involute some after the milk production ceases.

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Breast Augmentation and milk production

In general surgery should not be done on any part of your body that is still undergoing change. This hold very true for breasts as it may be impossible to accurately plan what needs to be done. If you are still producing milk then your breast has not reached a stable post-pregnancy size. That said, a surgeon will not know what implant to use to give got the best result possible. In order to best predict and control your results you need to wait until your breast size has stabilized and you are no longer producing milk. Furthermore milk production can increase the risk of implant infection which can be disastrous. Simply put, you need to wait.

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Breast augmentation while lactating

The simple answer is that it's physically possible but you don't want to do that and a good plastic surgeon would not agree to it. Several good reasons were given in the answers for this question. 

I use the criteria of any visible or palpable signs of breast inflammation/lactation and about three months for the tissues to stabilize. Basically you're asking for a poor outcome if you proceed before this. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
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Breast augmentation surgery after breast feeding.

It is possible to have surgery if your breasts have completely stopped changing, but still having milk production means that you are not done changing yet.  You can talk with your OB/GYN about helping to relieve the pressure you are feeling and dry up your milk.  After the milk is dried up you want to make sure that the size of your breasts is stable.

From your description and (non-standard) photo you may actually require a little lift in addition to the augmentation.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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a breast augmentation still producing milk

ABSOLUTELY NO! That borders on malpractice to state it bluntly. Reasons: 1. Breasts not at correct soze, 2. Poor healing, 3. Increased infection potential. Please be careful. From MIAMI DR. B

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Do NOT Do Breast Augmentation Until Milk Production is stopped

Based on scientific data, these are the recommendations on breast augmentation at the time of lactation:

  1. it is highly recommended to delay breast augmentation until after you stop lactating.
  2. Milk can have bacteria that can contaminate the implant and cause infection or capsular contracture.
  3. It is best to wait for 3 months.
  4. There are new medications that help to dry up the milk production.

Hope this was helpful.

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Do not do an augmentation if you are lactating

Patients should not do a breast augmentation when they are lactating. Need to stop for at least 3 months before an augmentation.  there are medications to take to dry up the milk.  Ask your OB-GYN doctor.


Andrew Cohen, M.D.

Andrew T. Cohen, MD
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