I got a second breast augmentation 2 months ago. My dr told me the pocket on my left breast was opening. Is that normal? (photo)

375cc silicone gel under muscle. First surgery was saline 275cc 6 years ago. Not happy with the size, they dont look even . What did it happen? And what should be done? I have sharp pain sometimes on my left breast

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When breasts are asymmetric after augmentation

healing must first be completed before pursuing revisionary procedures.  The cause must be correctly identified, you must pick the side that appeals to you more, and the corrective procedure can then be undertaken.  Lowering implants is much easier than raising them but your choice should reflect what you want.

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Options for bottoming out

The implant lost support on one side so the implant dropped (in your case it is what is called "fold malposition" but commonly called "bottoming out.") This cannot always be predicted. It can be repaired by suturing the capsule (capsulorrhaphy) with the possible option of adding support with an internal bra using Strattice, SERI Scaffold, or GalaFLEX.

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