I Had a Breast Augmentation 8 Months Ago and Have Asymmetry?

I have been told this is due to my chest wall being uneven and it projects left breast further forward making it look bigger and fuller than the right one. I am very self conscious of this and have been told that there is nothing that can be done to fix it. Would think putting a smaller implant in left side would even things out, but have been told that putting a smaller one would not correct the problem or make it even somewhat better? I have gel smooth round moderate classic profile implants.

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Options for Breast Asymmetry

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Hi Harley.

I'm sorry that you're unhappy with your breast augmentation results, but keep in mind that most women have some degree of asymmetry. We can sometimes improve this when performing breast augmentation by making adjustments in size, shape or profile. But without a photo, it's difficult to offer advice about your situation. If your original surgeon says there is nothing he or she can do, I'd suggest getting a second opinion from a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

I Had a Breast Augmentation 8 Months Ago and Have Asymmetry?

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Thanks for your question. A set of photos if possible from both before and after surgery would be helpful in offering advice. 

Patients with an asymmetric chest wall present a complex breast augmentation problem. If the breasts look even out of clothes, they may look uneven in clothes, with the one on the side with more prominent ribs looking larger. If you strive for an even appearance in clothes, they will look quite different out of clothes. 

A smaller implant might improve the appearance in clothes, but make the breasts seem more different out of clothes. 

Perhaps a second opinion is in order here. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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It is very difficult to answer your question and/or provide useful advice without a picture.  Without a picture, I suggest you discuss this with a board certified PS in your area.



Chest wall asymmetry can lead to difference in appearance

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Thanks for your question. Without seeing a picture it is hard to comment about your individual case. In general however the rib cage is basically the platform that the implant sits on. It is not uncommon for the "slope" of the rib cage to be at a different angle on one side compared to the other. Ordinarily this has to be pretty significant to warrant having different implants. That said, sometimes we use different profiles and different volumes to try and provide the most symmetrical result. Realize too that implants have fixed diameters. If you have implants with significantly different widths, then their heights will be different (since they are round). You might get a 2nd opinion to discuss your options. I would also convey to the original surgeon that you are willing to pay for all costs associated with a revision (including implants). Often times the surgeon will agree to waive their fee. Best of Luck!

Breast asymmetry due to chest wall

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A chest wall difference is difficult to deal with. Placing asymmetric breast implants will not make it better.

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