What Are Options to Even out Breasts After Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 3 mths ago and all the swelling is now gone and I am measuring one breast as a DD and the other as a D and the difference in considerably noticable even with a shirt on. My doctor is out of town and his assistant mentioned he could possibly remove skin or something like that on the larger breast. Can you tell me what my options would be. I have silicone 600CC's both breasts. Thx!

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Size difference

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Some degree of asymmetry is natural and you have not yet seen your final outcome. If you do ultimately have a size difference given the great position of the breasts and appearance of the skin I would be very hesitant to remove tissue from the beast. Once you get to 600 ccs a lot of gel implants are sized in 50 cc increments, the simplest and best solution would seem to be to replace one of the implants depending on which size you like better. I think you will be in a position to make that determination in 2-3 months. Your preop photos would be interesting to see.

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Uneven breasts

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  You are only 3 months from the surgery.  This is still early.  Wait for your plastic surgeon to come back to town and be very specific about your concerns.

  From the picture, you have a very nice result but from your description, you seem to have an unevenness that disturbs you.  The bra cup difference is addressed with the implants.  Your nipple position (and you would have had this discrepancy pre op) is different and this is what the assistant might have meant in the comment of taking some skin removal. 

  Be patient.  Wait for your doctor.  He/she did a nice job but just needs to listen to your concerns and tell you the options if you are bothered enough to need a revision.

             Steven M. Lynch, M.D.

Wait 6-9 months for results to settle prior to commitng to revision

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I would wait al least 6-9 month for the results to settly prior to a revision. There are a number of options I would advise based on your current appearance but I would be reluctant to perform them this early after your first surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Revisions after breast augmentation

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There are a number of ways to "even out" breasts after breast augmentation. Asymmetry (when the two breasts are not exactly the same) may occur after surgery, but also often exists in normal individuals who have not had any surgery. Since your operation was only 3 months ago, some changes may still occur in the breasts, and the size difference you are observing may improve or resolve over the next few months. Since your surgeon is out of town, you may wish to wait until his/her return and discuss options then. Surgical options include removing skin with or without breast tissue from the larger side, liposuction of the larger side, or implant revision.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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