Breast Augmentation Issues 4 Weeks Post Op. I Fear I Am Bottoming Out, CC, Or Infection? (photo)

ps is a dud. dosnt answer my calls. i fear i am either bottoming out or getting CC or an infection.. i heard ppl say they got CC after only 2 weeks, but my ps said its impossible before a year?? my right breast is SO swollen on the sides and the top. No fever no redness.. but VERY hard and swollen... it has dropped.. shouldnt it be getting softer?? what's wrong in these pictures?? my ps is brushing me off and i get no answers.. I massage and wear bra 24/7.. HELP .. regretfull...

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Patient concerns about breast augmentation four weeks after surgery.

Based on the photographs that are presented with your question I do not see evidence of bottoming out or infection. If you were to have bottoming out, the implants would drop below your infra mammary crease and your nipple would point upwards. If you had an infection your breast would be painful, red, tender, swollen and you most likely would feel sick. Capsule contracture which is contracted  scar tissue around the implant is a possibility, however it is too early to make that diagnosis. It is most likely that your breast implants have been placed under the muscle and thats why they  appear hard and swollen. This can be a result of the stretch that has been placed on the muscle and overlying skin. With time the muscles should relax the implants should drop. The skin should redrape and soften. I have had patients with similar concerns and I have suggested muscle relaxers,as well as massage. My suggestion to you would be to give it some time and most likely most if not all of your concerns will resolve. Good luck make sure you follow up with your surgeon.

                                                                                                      John F Farella M.D.

Mount Kisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation Complications?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on your pictures,  I do not see “bottoming out of breast implants.  Nor do I see signs  of infection.  Encapsulation (which can  begin at any time) is a clinical diagnosis made upon physical examination.

Keep in mind that good advice/reassurance can only be provided after direct physical examination. It is regretful that you have had  difficulty with communicating with your plastic surgeon;  if the situation does not improve, you may need to see another board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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