No Improvement in Breast Augmentation Issues

On May 9, 2002, I underwent breast augmentation surgery. I was an A cup before. I never noticed any evident differences in my breast size before. Therefore, this was never discussed at my consultation. In the seven years since my surgery, the issues I had mentioned at post-op have not improved; these issues include differences in placement (or a shifting of the implant?), size, feel, and the shape of my implants. They have actually manifest and become even more uncomfortable than before. Any advice?

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Complaints and Dissatisfaction with long term breast implants

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You may want to consider implant removal and replacement with fat grafts using injection if you have sufficient donor sites.

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Secondary Augmentation

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All of these things need to be addressed. I would suggest doing so with another surgeon. You'll need to have the implants removed and the appropriate adjustments made internally etc to achieve the results you desire. See several surgeons until you find the one who you feel understands your situation and will be there for you throughout the process.

See a good plastic surgeon in Georgia to help you

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Differences in size, feel, and shape of implants from one breast to another is actually common after surgery. In general, if you had some differences before surgery, they will be exaggerated after your procedure. In addition, capsular contracture can cause some of the hardening and changes you are describing. It has been a long time since your original procedure. I recommend seeking out a plastic surgeon who will listen to your concerns, examine you, and give you an honest opinion. You deserve it after 7 years. Good luck.

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Discuss this with your surgeon or someone else who will

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Breast implants can manifest or magnify the differences in the size, shape and form of the breasts. Some of these can be compensated for and some can not just with the implants. After this length of time you will need a complete evaluation and assessment of your current situation and see what can be corrected / adjusted.

Decide in your own mind what you would like to correct and then discuss this with a plastic surgeon that will listen to you and tell you honestly what is reasonable. It sounds like you have put this off for a long time and need to get it taken care of.

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