Wounds Would Not Close First Time Around, Will This Happen Again?

I Had Breast Augmentation in August, over the Muscle 340 Cc. 5 Weeks Post Op a Blister Appeared in the Incision (Right Side) the surgon checked it out and said leave it 1 week. When I returned lots of fluid was drained as I had a seroma and stitches were put in and given antibiot. A week later the same happened to the other breast-drained, stitches etc. Before the stitches were to be removed they both opened due to fluid. No infection was detected (several swabs taken at diff times). Both implants were removed in October. I have to wait 3/6 mths before getting them agian prob under the muscle. Could this happen again?

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Implant exposure

Your experience is not very common butcan happen. If you allow things to heal and wait about 4-6 months, your risk for this to happen again should be no greater than anyone elses unless you have contributing medical conditions that might predispose you to this.

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Breast Augmentation Wound Separation with Implant Exposure is VERY Rare

Without knowing more about your history, your surgery and your surgeon's training and technique I cannot specifically begin to comment on why you suffered this terrible complication.

Massive bluid collection in the breasts with the wounds completely opening up exposing the implants to the outside is VERY RARE. 

I have a busy breast augmentation practice and I have never seen such a complication in my practice nor in my training in a leading American medical center. If the surgeon is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (wwwPlasticSurgeryorg), operates in a Medicare or AAAASF certified facility using proper technique and you are a non-smoker, such a complication should be EXTREMELY uncommon. Before having the surgery again, you may wish to get a second opinion from a surgeon who meets these criteria.

Good Luck.

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