I have a blood disorder Factor V Liden and I have developed Mondor's Cord after Breast Augmentation. Should I be worried?

Had surgery on march 12, 2014 Blood disorder - Factor V liden, clotting disorder Mondor cords - blood clot in superficial vein.

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Factor V Leiden and Mondor's cord

I have operated on patients with Factor V Leiden with no postoperative problems at all, and I have also had patients with no blood disorders develop Mondor's cord postoperatively.
The co-incidence of the two problems in you may be just that - a coincidence. I don't think you need to worry. As advised by Dr. Mussat in the previous post, warm soaks, massage and anti-inflammatories will help until it settles down.

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Factor V Liden and Mondor's vein thromboembolism

Dear Jen,
that is unfortunate you have this blood disorder. Now the thromboembolism of the superficial vein below the infra-mammary fold could also happen to any one with large implants after breast augmentation surgery.
the treatment is simple: warm soaks, massages, NSAID if you are allowed to take them...
use a little battery-operated massager you can purchase in any pharmacy.
you can also massage the tender cord with Arnicare, available in any Walmart.
Make sure you follow-up with your surgeon so he/she can check your post-op. progress.
Hopefully this will resolve in a few weeks,
Good luck,
Florence Mussat

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