Breast Augmentation - Possible Hematoma 7 Days Post Op?

I had a breast aug w/350cc in both. It has been 7 days post op, and my right breast is fuller and higher than my left. I believe it may be due to a hematoma on the right side of my rib cage. The actual skin on the bruising feels much firmer than the left. I went in 3 days post op to have this checked out, and the nurse marked lines around the bruise and told me to watch if the bruising/bleeding spreads outside the lines. It has not spread, nor gotten smaller. Surgeon said not to worry. Should I?

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Unfortunately, without a complete history and physical exam and through pre operative photography there is not enough information to make an informed plan, please consult your surgeon or another local board certified plastic surgeon

Hematoma following breast augment surgery

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It would seem unlikely that you have a hematoma as both breasts are relatively the same size and shape. If unsure see your plastic surgeon for a follow up examination. A small hematoma will resolve on its own a larger hematoma must be drained to prevent future complications.

Hematoma after Augmentation

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Anytime there is a change in the breast size, I ask my patient to immediately notify me, such that I can perform an in office examination.   

I would recommend contact with your plastic surgeon as I am concerned by your swelling combined by pain, which is characteristic of a hematoma.   This may require operative intervention to control bleeding, prevent infection, and minimize risk of capsular contracture.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Hematoma after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Based on your pictures,  you certainly have significant bruising or a hematoma present. You are doing the right thing by  following up with your plastic surgeon who is best positioned to diagnose and treat the problem. 

Best wishes.

Hematoma of breast?

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The right breast does look larger and higher but an exam would be critical also basing it on your pre-op photos, etc.. Very possibly a hematoma.

Options for managing excessively bruised breast

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While the right breast does appear more bruised and slightly larger, part of my decision would be based on the pre-operative appearance. You may have experienced a small hematoma but it appears stable. Treatment options vary by practitioner with some favoring resorption and others advocating drainage.

Hematoma and Breast Augmentation

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Your picture looks bothersome to me. I would explore the implant pocket to assure that there was not a hematoma. Hematoma will lead to infection or capsular contracture. Dr. ES

Hematoma after breast augmentation

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The incidence of a hematoma after breast augmentation is extremely low, however needs to be treated urgently once diagnosed.  The pressure of the hematoma (blood) on the underlying skin can jeopardize the blood flow to the nipple/areola and compromise the breast skin as well.

If you notice a higher and noticeable firmer breast as you state and show in your photos above,your surgeon should examine you again and plan to explore the wound in the operating room to possibly evacuate the hematoma and relieve the pressure.  There is rarely an identifiable source of the bleeding, it usually appears as a generalized oozing.

Best wishes,


You need to see your doctor

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You have blood collection over the right breast . You need to discuss this with your doctor. He may want to observe this and 90% w you will get capsular contracture. The other option is to evacuate the blood cloth now and  the risk of capsular contracture will be less .

Hematoma after Breast Augmentation

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Excessive bruising, swelling, pain, and firmness on one side is certainly consistent with a hematoma.  I treat these with surgery. I would definitely recommend close follow up with your doctor to determine the best course of action.

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