Would a Breast Augmentation Fix the Sagging Nature of my Breasts? (photo)

I am 19 years old and have been seriously contemplating having the breast augmentation procedure. Throughout my entire life, I have always been self-conscious about my breasts. I am 5'7 and 145 pounds. I am a comfortable 34 B. I have always wondered if my breasts are considered actual sagging or am I just not as "perky" as other 19 year olds. I honestly have no idea in what direction I want to go in with the breast augmentation procedure. All I know is that I want to get rid of this so called "sagging."

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Breast Augmentation With Implants That Provide a Bit of A Lift

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Your breasts do appear to be sagging a bit. For mild to moderate sagging, I offer two types of implants that both lift and increase cup size at the same time, which means you would just need a breast augmentation and not a lift. It can be large breast implants or small. Inspira Soft Touch implants are designed to achieve a slight lift to the breast contour, without making additional surgical correction necessary. They come in two levels of cohesiveness: the less cohesive Responsive gel, similar to all the previous cohesive gels, and a slightly more cohesive Soft Touch gel. If possible, Soft Touch Inspira implants are placed into a submammary pocket. The other type is the Allergan Style 410, a stable tear-drop shaped implant that creates more projection than a round implant, most likely due to a maximal point of projection being lower down. Good results can be achieved by either implant type, however unlike Allergan Style 410, Inspira Soft Touch has no risk of rotation.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Borderline case, I really try to gain trust of my patients and what I do is put the implant in and if it looks good your done it it looks bad you get a lift on top!

Depends on the measurements and the technique

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Any of these answers is not an absolute. If the droop measures more than 24 cm and the nipple is below the fold the success rate is lower. If not this bad, it can be corrected by implants but occasionally surprises. I would always warn you , that you might have to do a lift later.

The most correction you can get without a lift is by adding biplanar placement of the implants

(releasing the muscle more, so the implant fills the sag).

A larger implant will also help.

A teardrop implant in my experience also helps more than a round.

The last consideration is to add a mini lift (also know as a peri areolar or Bennelli mastopexy) with just the scar around the nipple.

I would recommend several consultations.

You would have to wait until age 22 for gel implants, however.

Would a Breast Augmentation Fix the Sagging Nature of my Breasts?

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Yes plus a lift on the right breast  due to your asymmetry. Best to be seen IN PERSON by boarded PSs in your city. 

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation with Areolar Repositioning

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Unfortunately a simple breast augmentation is not appropriate for your situation.  You will get the best results by placing two different size implants beneath the muscle, creating a second plane above the muscle to allow your own breast tissue to reposition itself better above the implants and then reposition and reduce the areola directly over the new breast mound.  This will give you more symmetric, youthful and perky breasts.  Good luck...

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Modest ptosis of the breasts easily corrected with augmentation.

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The picture demonstrates little if any true ptosis of the breasts. Breast augmentation should lead a nice result.

Would a Breast Augmentation Fix the Sagging Nature of my Breasts?

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First impressions from looking at the photographs is that your left breast is smaller and that the nipple is at the level it should be on both sides.  I don not think your breast are sagging at this stage.  If you are unhappy a bout the size of the breast then this can be improved with augmentation.

I would think that you should see a qualified plastic surgeon who can discuss with you in detail the options to improve the look of your breasts.

Stephen Salerno


Augmentation mammoplasty for "saggy" breast

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You do have assymetrical breasts. your right breast is larger than your left and has wider aeola. Your breasts are " low set" meaning they are seating slightly low on your chest wall. It seems your nipples are at the level of your infra mammary lines, therefore your sagginess is minimal. If you desire to have larger breasts , you would benefit from using different size implants through periarolar approach and areolar reduction. However if you are happy about the size of your breasts, periareolar mastopexy ( donut mastopexy ) would make your breasts perkier and give you the minimal lift you need. I have had wonderful results with this type of approach , especially in younger patient such as you.

Breast Augmentation Fix the Sagging Nature of my Breasts?

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I am sorry to hear about the self-consciousness issues you have experienced related to your breasts.  Although breast augmentation will likely achieve your goals when it comes to breast size, breast lifting will be necessary to improve the position of the breasts (“sagging”). 

 At some point,  you may benefit from an in-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. This consultation will allow for accurate advice that is best provided after a thorough history, physical examination, and detailed discussion of your goals. There are a lot of factors to consider when making recommendations; for example your life circumstances ( planned pregnancies, psychosocial situation…) and tolerance for scars  are factors that should be taken into consideration by you and your plastic surgeon.

You may also find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more about options.
 Best wishes.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry and Drooping

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Some young women have drooping breasts and loose skin even from a very early age - this is hereditary. In the pictures shown, the right breast is larger, lower, and more to the side. Correcting this asymmetry will require different sized implants on the two sides, a proton the right side, and some release of tissue internally in the lower part of both breasts.

Cory Goldberg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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