Breast Augmentation to Fix Partial Tuberous Breasts. Very Unhappy with Result?

I am 20 years old weight 128 height 5'6. I had my breast augmentation three months ago and chose a 375cc saline implant. i have tuberous breasts and i made it clear to my doctor that i wanted my areola much smaller and the pointiness gone. my doctor talked me out of a mastexopy and told me to do an incision under the fold ensuring there wouldnt be any pointiness. what are my options if i am extremely unhappy with the shape and got a different outcome of what i was promised?

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Tuberous breast and Breast augmentation

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In patients with true tuberous breasts, it is impossible to achieve reasonable results with simple breast augmentation alone. Tuberous breast correction requires specific surgical maneuvers to correct the constricted base of the breast and the areola tissue herniation. You should discuss with your surgeon if you there were any internal maneuvers performed to release the breast base constriction. It is impossible to comment on your specific case without an examination, but most likely after 3 months chances of significant improvement in your tuberous appearance is not very likely. Discuss with your surgeon your concerns and what further surgery that might benefit your breast appearance.

Treatment of Tuberous Breast Deformity

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Typically, in true tuberous breast deformity the incisions are mad in the areola for reduction of the areola and contouring the breast tissue to address the "pointiness"


Dr. ES

Breast augmentation and mastopexy for tuberous breasts

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Most patients with tuberous breast deformity benefit from a combination of augmentation and a periareolar (donut) mastopexy to add volume and reduce the pointiness and herniation of the nipple-areolar complex, respectively. It is difficult to comment specifically on your case without an in-person exam. Some patients with severe deformity need to undergo tissue expansion, as is performed in many breast reconstruction patients, before a permanent implant is placed, although in my experience, this is the minority of patients. However, I almost always feel the need to do a mastopexy to reduce the herniated areola. I think it is important to recognize that tuberous breast deformity can be substantially improved with plastic surgery, but some patients may not be able to achieve the exact result they are looking for if the anatomy is severely unfavorable. Revision surgery is not that uncommon for this condition. You should first discuss these concerns with your surgeon and if you would like additional opinions, seek one, which can help you make an informed choice on how to proceed. Best of luck.
- Dr. Sayed

Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breast

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      Breast augmentation for a tuberous breast deformity will likely not correct all of the elements.  However, breast augmentation followed by breast lift after the implants have reached their final position may produce more predictable results.

Tuberous Breast need special attention.

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Hello and thank you for your question.

I'm sorry you are not satisfied with your result yet.  I would go back to your plastic surgeon and see what they suggest at this point.  It is impossible to give any specific opinion without photos, but if you have not done a periareolar mastopexy yet, then you haven't burned any bridges.  This can still be done in the future and may remove the pointness to the breasts.  Also, removing any constriction bands underneath the breasts are important, but you surgeon may have done this already.  Discuss your concerns with them and develop a plan to get as good an outcome as possible.  Tuberous breast are much more complicated than regular breasts and harder to get a good outcome.

Best Wishes!

Pablo Prichard, MD

Tuberous breast correction

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If you really had the classic tuberous breast shape, then it's very difficult to really fix it with just an implant.  Typically, something needs to be done to fix the areolar area.  I usually use a circumareolar ("donut") mastopexy for this, in addition to the implant, and maybe internal scoring of the tissues.

Tuberous breast dissatisfaction?

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The best thing to do is to talk to your plastic surgeon. Perhaps the breast tissue has not had enough time to stretch and fully heal. A tuberous breast before surgery is constricted and may take longer to fully round out. You might want to seek a second opinion, but also wait a good 18 months to see your final result before undergoing revision surgery. Best of luck, Aldo.

Tubular breasts can be corrected with surgery and a breast implant.

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An implant can widen the base of a constricted breast to the diameter of the implant.  The areola can be flattened and made smaller in diamete by some form of a mastopexy.

Unhappy with Result

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Without some photos from before surgery and now, it is not really possible to comment. One thing that I can say is that it is not possible to have smaller areolas without an incision around the areolas.

Tuberous breasts present one of the most difficult problems in breast surgery, and secondary operations are quite common, often expected.

As to your specific question about your options, I would suggest beginning with a discussion with your surgeon. If that does not resolve your issues, a second opinion from another plastic surgeon is the next step. Thank you for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous breasts

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If you are not happy with your results, then you need to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  I can not suggest what to do without an exam in person. Good luck!

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