I Had Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Done by a Dr. Who Doesn't Believe in Brava; Should I Wear It for a Second Fat Transfer?

I had breast augmentation fat transfer done by an OBGYN who subspecializes in cosmetic surgery on 8/17/13. There was drainage from the suture under my right breast on & off for two weeks. (Dr. prescribed antibiotics; didn't work.) Then, left breast developed an abcess & fluid that Dr. aspirated, twice. (Drainage ocurred from that suture too.) He wants to try again, possibly using Brava; do I need it if I just want left breast rebuilt? I'm 5'9", 135 lbs, 2 kids, breastfed; had localized fat.

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Cosmetic surgery

According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, Only the American Board of Plastic Surgery is recognized as the specialty of cosmetic surgery

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BRAVA is useful

I'm sorry your first round of fat grafting didn't work.

BRAVA really does help significantly:  there is a much higher retention of fat with pre-op BRAVA use, than without it.  Check research by Drs. Khouri, delVecchio and Bucky on this topic.

Perhaps you should also consider a second opinion.

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