Can I Have Breast Augmentation Surgery After I Donated Eggs?

I donated eggs a few days ago 6/25. I have a breast augmentation scheduled for 7/1. My ovaries has swelled following retrieval but I am on meds to bring them down. Other than this I am fine. I am not on a medication that would thin my blood. I will not be put completely under during the augmentation. Will I be okay to do the surgery? I am going to talk to my plastic surgeon as well. I have family over to take care of me following the augmentation.

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Egg donation and breast implant augmentation surgery

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As mentioned by Dr. Aldea, there may be greater risk of clot formation and or DVT with PE due to both your hormonal status or the proximity of one surgical procedure to another (generally increased especially with pelvic surgery). I assume your surgeon is aware and is using prophylactic measures. If not, it is in your best interest to do so,

Safety of Breast Augmentation after Egg Donation

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It's hard to advise you on the safety of a Breast Augmentation days after egg donation without knowing WHICH meds you are taking to bring down ovarian swelling. Some of these hormones MAY raise the risk of blood clot formation (DVT) and as a result of blood clot movement to the heart.(PE). Discuss these medications with your Plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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