One Breast Bigger After Augmentation

I had breast augmentation on March 6, 2009, and my breasts are different sizes! My left breast is smaller than the right and it is very noticeable. Is there a chance they will still even out? Is there a correction for it? I am so bummed that they are different sizes I honestly am starting to regret doing it.

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There is something wrong.

Hi. See your doctor right away. You need a sonogram of your larger breast to make sure you don't have a seroma (collection of liquid) or a hematoma (collection of blood) around your right implant.

These collections should be removed unless they are tiny, because they can lead to capsular coontracture (hard breast).

A seroma can be removed with a needle and local anesthesia by an interventional radiologist under ultrasound control. This approach avoids another operation and does not damage the implant.

Hope it's nothing!

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Time for a follow up with your doctor.

We can not diagnose over the internet - go back and see your own doctor --- you paid him for surgery and post operative care. Let him or her check you out.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Saline or silicone?


You did not mention whether you had saline or silicone. Also, did you have the same size implant on both breasts? There are differences in your breasts before surgery. Adding an implant can sometimes magnifiy these differences, but you are still only 4 weeks out from surgery. Make sure your surgeon knows your concerns and make sure you look at your before pictures. Many times patients are shocked to see the differences in their breasts that were there before surgery. Give it some time, but make sure the swelling is not a hematoma that will lead to hardening later.

Francisco Canales, MD
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Breast asymmetry is a common concern

There are many causes of breast asymmetry and usually breast augmentation will soften and reduce natural asymmety seen in most patients. As we critically review breast photos we can appreciate differences in breast size, nipple size, nipple position, and variation in the skin shape or level of the fold under the breast. All women have them to a greater or lessor extent.

Breast augmentation can correct or soften the appearance of many asymmetries by adjusting the size and position of the implant, and when augmentation alone is not enough minor breast lift techniques may help.

One month after augmentation there is still a good deal of settling and working in between breast tissue and implant. At three to six months the breast should be at its best and this probably is the best time to compare. At the present it is hard to tell if the apparent size difference will adjust. It can be corrected. This is a good time to touch bases with your surgeon to make sure things are going according to plan.

Best of luck,


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The most common reason for breasts being uneven after surgery is asymmetry prior to surgery.

The most common reason for breasts being uneven after surgery is asymmetry prior to surgery. IF manipulations are carried out to improve or lessen the asymmetry, this may take 6-9 months for results to take effect. Preferential breast implant displacement exercises may help.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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