Breast Augmentation 3 Days Post Op, As they Drop Will the Size Stay the Same?

Im 5'9 188 lbs, and recieved silicone under the muscle 339 on the left and 371 on the right. Right now, although high I am loving the results, I measure at a 36 C. As they drop will the size stay the same, I really do not want them to be any smaller! Before the surgery I was a 36 A, so i had nothing before!

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Breast Implant Changes during Recovery

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, the breast implants will change during the recovery process.  In the beginning, the implants sit high on the patient's chest wall and as they settle into the breast implant pocket, they do change in shape (and some patients also notice change in size).  

Bra's will fit differently because of the placement of the breast implants so I suggest waiting until the implants have settled completely before purchasing any bras.

Sounds like you are happy with your results and most likely, you will continue to be happy during the recovery.

Best Wishes.

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