I Had Breast Augmentation 8 Days Ago Breast Feel Ok Now, but my Left Side of Face Feels Pressure Around Ear, Cant Sleep, Exhaust

i am 43 i had breast implants 8 days ago and after very painful breasts that seem fine now i have got horrible symptoms, my head is fuzzy i have pressure around my left ear ,i get anxious then cry i cannot sleep although i am exhausted and keep loosing concentration, i look really pale please help me whats wrong .

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Immediate follow-up is required

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It is hard to know what is going on without seing you.  These symptoms are not usual, so you should contact and be seen by your surgeon as soon as possible,  My suspicion is a reaction to some medication you are taking, but please get evaluated.

Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Call your doctor

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your surgery was very recent and you are clearly concerned. You should call your doctor immediately and discuss it with him/her. 

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