Breast Augmentation As Day Surgery?

I am planning shortly to have a Breast Augmentation, under muscle, anatomically-shaped implants, to go from my AA to a generous B or a C. The clinic in question performs the operation as day surgery. Is this acceptable/sensible?

I am concerned about pain or complications due to anesthesia, and wonder whether I should look elsewhere. But perhaps it's quite common to go home on the same day?

Grateful for any advice. Happy New Year!

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Breast augmentation as day surgery

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Thank you for the question.  It is normal to have breast augmentation as an outpatient.  it is common for patients to be sent home after the surgery is done.  There should be nothing to worry about.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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Outpatient breast surgery

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It is almost universal to discharge patients home very shortly after breast augmentation. The discomfort can be very readily be controlled with oral pain medications. Every patient has different preferences, however, and you have to be comfortable with your situation. Perhaps you can ask your plastic surgeon if he or she is aware of any facilities where you could have an overnight stay after surgery. These are often available in most major cities.

Ben Lee, MD - Account Suspended
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Day surgery for breast augmentation

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Most breast augmentation procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, aka day surgery. Generally speaking, an overnight stay in the hospital or surgical facility is not necessary. During your stay, you will be monitored by your surgeon and your anesthetist, as well as recovery room nurses.

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Most breast augmentations are performed as outpatient or day surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Most breast augmentations are performed as day surgery or outpatient surgery. However it sounds like your concern is whether your breast augmentation should be performed in a hospital operating room or in and offsite ambulatory surgery facility or office.

I perform all of my breast augmentations in a hospital operating room because I personally have always done it that way, and feel that it is the safest environment for my patients. However many superb plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation in an outpatient facility that is not in the hospital.

The most important thing is the skill and experience of your surgeon and your trust and comfort with your surgeon.

Breast augmentation outpatient surgery

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Most breast surgeries for augmentation are done as an outpatient.  It is very safe to have this procedure and go home the same day with adequate pain medicine prescription.  Good luck

Sanjay Lalla, MD, FACS
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation is an ambulatory procedure

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You should always inquire whether the facility is properly accredited. I perform all my breast surgeries on an ambulatory basis. Augmentation is a short operation and everyone is able to go home the same day with proper pain management. Best of luck.

Same day surgery for breast augmentation

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Same day surgery for breast augmentation is the norm.  Although pain is always a factor to be considered, virtually all of this pain can be controlled by a number of different means, most commonly prescription pain medication.  Certainly different patients have different thresholds of dealing with pain.  Be sure to communicate your concerns honesly and completely to your surgeon so that the appropriate plan is made for you.

Tito Vasquez, MD, FACS
Southport Plastic Surgeon
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Day Surgery is Fine

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The majority of elective cosmetic procedures can be performed as a "day surgery".  Make sure you have adequate instructions for your post op care including strong pain pill medication and a reliable adult to assist you  after your procedure.

Good luck!

David R Finkle, MD

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation as Outpatient Surgery

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Yes, pretty much all breast augmentation in the U.S. is done as outpatient surgery.  The only time the patient would be asked to go to aftercare is if the procedure is done with other procedures and there is prolonged operative time.

Hope that helps.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation in Santa Barbara

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Breast surgery for augmentation is almost always performed as outpatient surgery. The operation is relatively short and quite safe in the proper hands. In my office I have a certified operating room and use both physician anesthesiologists as well as nurse anesthetists. All of the anesthesia providers that I work with are very well-trained and competent. The operation itself takes about an hour and to an hour and a half and recovery takes about another hour or 2 prior to the patient going home. If my patient is from far away or overseas, I do make sure that they stay at a hotel or resort in town overnight so I can recheck them in the morning after surgery.

I don't think you should be afraid of outpatient surgery for your breast augmentation. Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified, the location that you have the surgery in is well-maintained and properly certified, and the anesthesia provider is similarly well trained and properly certified. Unless you have a complicating medical problem, a hospital stay should not be required. Best of luck!

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