What Changes Can I Expect After my Breast Augmentation?

I'm 1 week post-op from breast augmentation and I'm kind of worried. I was a 34 small C, tight and non-saggy. My plastic surgeon thought 450 cc would be lovely for my body type. I'm 5'10 and 170 pounds. Now that my wraps are off and the swelling is down, I look like just a full C. I had 425 filled to 460 mentor Round Mod Plus saline "unders" via breast fold. I had follow up yesterday, and my plastic surgeon says they will go down some from the top. Will they become smaller or larger? What changes will I see with my type of breast augmentation?

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It takes weeks to months to see the final results

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As you heal from your surgery the implants will settle into a little lower position and some of the upper breast fullness will soften. This is an expected part of healing. You should give your breasts at least 6 months to heal before you make a decision on the size. Some women actually say that they feel that their breasts were larger after fully healing. Follow your plastic surgeon's instructions and be patient for your final result. Take care.

Dr Edwards

PBe patient with breast augmentation recovery

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All your surgeon can do is to try to listen to your desires, take into account your body and all its measurements and issues, and do the best they can to choose the right implant for you.  No guarantee of cup size or a specific look can be given but usually you can get really close.  It takes at least 6 weeks to know where the result will be so be patient.

What size to expect after breast implant augmentation

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In most instances, placing a 460 cc implant in a C cup breast will produce at least a change to a D cup.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Patience after Breast Augmentation

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One week post op is really too early to tell. Most patients have swelling of the breasts which occurs post-operatively. This swelling will mask the true results. Implants typically will drop while the swelling goes down into the new breast pocket that was created during the surgery.

Robert Vitolo, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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