Will Breast Augmentation Be Bad if I Have a Worn Disc L Spinal Injury?

I have had lower back pain since the birth of my son, two years ago. I just had an xray done and I have a worn disc, arthritis and I am listing...lower back pain....upper vertebrate worn and bad from trauma when I was 12. Would it be ok to get an augmentation? I had my consultation and I am supposed to have my pre-op on monday and the Doc has me in 400cc, saline. I am 155 lbs, 34 and 5 ft 5 inches. I am supposed to begin Physical Therapy on december 13th. I worry about long term effects.

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Back pain worse with augmentation: Try a water filled bra with implant volume prior to surgery

To provide an example, I will refer to breast reduction patients who present for relief of back pain. Many paitents experience GREAT relief with removal of as little as 300 cc. I would suggest walking around with 400cc water filled zip lock bags for a day and answering the question yourself. However, I would be reluctant to advise breast augmentation in your particular situation.

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Breast augmentation and back problem

This is a tough question to answer. If you have really bad back problems you may want to think twice about having a breast augmentation which will only increase the weight of your chest.  

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 A 400cc breast implants weighs about 1 pound.  2 implants of that size would then weigh 2 pounds.  This is not a significant amount of added weight.  It is unlikely that the additional weight will aggravate your back condition. I would say go for it and enjoy the new you.

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Breast augmentation and lower back pain

Low back pain and lumbar disc problems are unlikely to be aggravated by breast augmentation. A 400 cc implant is large, though not excessively so. We often hear about the relationship of a large heavy breast and upper back strain which prompts requests for breast reduction. In our practice we have never had complaints of back pain or strain after even a very full breast augmentation. Others have have another experience, but we think your risk is low.

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Back Strain With Big Ol' Implants? Yup, It Can Happen!

Implants weigh something.  How much?  It depends on how large they are!  You can approximate saline implants by filling sealable bags with water to the correct volume, and placing it in your bra BEFORE surgery.  Typically, women with large, heavy natural breasts feel most strain in the mid back, roughly the area between the shoulder blades.  Bras that tend to lift and place volume forward will cause more of this strain than sports bras (which are designed on purpose to squish the breasts close to the body).  I learned this stuff from an expert bra designer, who knew alot more physics that I thought she would (the basic lever principle at work here).  Anyway, bottom line- larger implants weigh more, and cause more back strain. Joggers, in particular, are more affected.  Lower back strain can happen, but it is not as common.

 Why not try on some simulated implants before hand and see if you are affected?  Unlike what Ricardo used to say, It is NOT better to look good than to FEEL good!  If your simulation reveals pain and discomfort, I would rethink the whole implant idea in your case!

Claudio DeLorenzi MD FRCS

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