Breast Augmentation and Stretch Marks?

I had breast augmentation about 5 weeks ago with saline implants. In the past week, stretch marks have appeared on both of my breast. Will these marks go away? Could changing from saline to silicone implants make the stretch marks go away?

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Changing implants will not make the stretch marks go away. The stretch marks will fade away with time.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Stretch Marks with Breast Aug

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This is very rare with a breast augmentation but when it happens it usually is permanent. You can improve the appearance with moisturizers but even using those is limited with response. Usually time will make things better. Implant type has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Stretch marks on breasts

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Stretch marks can develop on the breasts. Unfortunately they are permanent, but the color should fade with time.

Breast implants and stretch marks.

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Any rapid expansion of skin can cause the deeper layer of the skin to tear and this results in a stretch mark to appear. Typically red or dark at first and then with fade and become thinner over time. The constitution of the implant has nothing to do with the stretch mark. It is the rapid expansion of skin greater than the skin or dermis could handle without tearing.

Stretch marks after breast augmentation, implant size matters

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The stretch marks on the breast are not related to the type of implant, saline or gel the result would be the same. The implant volume is the problem with the rapid size increase and tension on the skin. Try cocoa butter on the skin, just like pregnancy to keep the skin supple.

Stretchmarks can occur after breast augmentation but they are often mild and can be treated

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Stretchmarks can appear in rare instances in some patients after breast augmentation.  Usually, they are mild.  In some instances, I have had patients apply just simple moisturizers and it made the appearance much better.  

Stretch marks after augmentation

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Stretch marks after augmentation is rare.  I'm sorry, but they are permanent. Implant type has no effect on them.

Andrew Stewart, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Stretch marks after breast augmentation

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Unfortunmately, stretch marks are related to stretch the skin faster than it can accomodate.  This can happen commonly with pregnancy or rapid weight gain.  It does not seem to happen very often after breast augmentation, but it is a pertmanent condition.  Changing to a silicone implant is not likely to have any effect on the process since it is related to the size of the implant.

Check with your surgeon for suggestions on creams that might help the appearance.  Most stretch marks will become white over time. 

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Stretch marks

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Changing from one implant style to another will have no effect on stretch marks. The are some topical creams that help. Contact your PS for advice

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